Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Towersey Trials!

I've got to be in 5 and a half hours(why am I not sleepy? WHY?) to head of to Towersey folk festival where I'll be working in the kids festival with my best mate. And though I'm a total folk novice I'm determined to have fun and NOT gain. I will LOSE.
As ever planning is the key(if I convince myself i need to carry my weeks food on a coach every week I'll be onto a winner...)and I'm bringing:
WW Bread
Sugar Free jam(cherry, yum)
little tins of WW baked beans
a variety of vegetable soups
granola/fruit bars
diet coke.
Thats basically what I took to Latitude and i managed to lose there.
I'll be at Towersey for a week and i suspect running around like mad, PLUS theres ceilidhs every day!
and on the no excuse note(it was tonights meetings theme)
I've just looked up my local swimming baths back at uni, and they are LITERALLY just around the corner from my house. Not even 5 minutes walk.
I don't have any choice in the matter really. I'm swimming every day.

And on the off chance you're at Towersey, look out for the steward who needs to lose a few(or a few squared..whatever) pounds, that's me :D

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