Monday, 24 August 2009

Damage Limitation

I suspect that due to stupid amounts of binging and extreme laziness that this week the scales will show me my first gain.
And WI is tomorrow so its time for some MAJOR damage limitation.
As soon as I've had my breakfast(oats,simmed milk,fruit) I'm going for a big long walk. And damn these grey skies. Any snacking today will be on fruit and veg. I WILL drink my 2L of water. I will not add salt to anything(thats one really abd habit 5've been getting myself into lately.)
Any tips on getting back ont rack would be much appreciated.


  1. draw a line hun. i knnow everyone says it, but seriously. it works.if you have time, go back over my posts and see where i've fallen and picked myself back up all in one post. dont let it get you down. no one is perfect. xxxx

  2. You can do it! Just think about how good you'll feel once you're back on track.