Wednesday, 28 October 2009

2 Stone Off!

Lost 2.5lb this week, god knows how, maybe the spinning is finally kicking in.
Anyhow now I'm down to 13st 10lb. Exactly 2 stone off :)
Talking of spinning, 2nd time proved a little more manageable.
I think the music was slightly slower which made things easier, or it might just be the knowledge that I've gotten through one class alive, so I'll be able to survive another one. The music was better this time too, I managed a nice little Bon Jovi singalong whilst pedalling my legs off.
More of the power ballads please!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Weigh in, Weigh out, Weigh it all about...

Been a bit manic with assessments so haven't gotten round to blogging for a while.
Last week I lost 1lb which was fine and dandy. This week however I was quitting evil toxicity and was just eating shit to distract myself. Not good. Gained 1.5lbs.
ARMS:havent measured. cant find tape measure.....

This weeks meeting was about planning around parties- which was very apt as i then went straight on to my friends party! At which I had a great time WITHOUT DRINKING! Breakthrough :D

Monday, 12 October 2009

Spinning to my grave...

Mmm Sweaty...

Why has no-one told me before how HARD spinning is?
That's the most excercise I think I've ever had in my life... seriously I can't remember the last time  I sweated that much.
And I couldn't even DO the standing up bits...
I nearly threw up.
I'm going back next week.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Mindless Crazies

 I just got a big shot of them.
I was walking back from uni when I got a sudden urge to read a newspaper, so I popped into tesco's with this sole aim:get a newspaper.
This is how it went...

1. walk through doors, briefly glance around the store.
2. decide to check out the first aisle to see if there was any interesting fruit. There isn't.
3.walk down aisle with newspapers- the guardian isn't there. Pick up vogue instead.
4.keep walking down each aisle.
5. pick up little snowball cake things.
6. buy them.
7. eat half of them without actually thinking.
8. Get mental snapshot of what I'm doing.
9. mush up the box containing the remaining cakes.
10. put it in the bin.

I just ate at least 10 points which I really didn't have to spare without even thinking. They weren't even NICE, they were pretty vile.

Damn crazies.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

WI Fun

My housemate S finally got along to a meeting with me, so I finally have a live-in buddy. Yay!
We had a temporary leader today who I really didn't like. She was talking a bit about her story and she mentioned her 'fat clothes' which she wore to 'fat club'. And then said "i bet you've all called it 'fat club' at some point". Ummmlemmethink NO I HAVEN'T. But thanks for destroying the confidence I've been slowly trying to rebuild. Thanks a whole bunch.
Anyways, this weeks stats:

WEIGHT:13st12lb(-26lbs so far, and finally broke into the 13's!)
ARMS:oh i give up, i keep forgetting which freckle to measure around!
BUST:41 Inches? god rubbish at this measuring malarkey
WAIST:33.5 inches
HIPS:45 Inches
THIGHS:25 Inches
BMI:34(down one! always good)

So far I've lost one of these:


or half of one of these:

plus one of these:


This weeks aim: Stick to points everyday, including eating my activity points. Lets see how that works.

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Woop yeh lolz omfg....

We FINALLY have got the internet in our uni house, though I'm having to plug in(wireless sucks dammit) so am lying on the living room carpet writing this.
I haven't done a proper stats update for a while so from the beginning to now, my stats have changed as follows:
At Start of WW:
ARMS:16.5 Inches
BUST:42.5 Inches
WAIST:37 Inches
HIPS:48 Inches
THIGHS:30.5 Inches

ARMS:14 Inches(I asked a woman at my meeting how she measures thighs and arms accurately and she measures around prominent freckles- so I'm doing this now. The measurements might be slightly out of sync for now but from now on they'll be accurate. -2.5inches)
BUST:39.5 Inches(-3inches, down a cup size)
WAIST:34 Inches(-3inches)
HIPS:45 Inches(-3inches)
THIGHS:25.5 Inches(measuring by freckle, im sure i haven;t lost 5 inches off them)
BMI:35(still obese but -4)

So so far I've lost the weight of 3 newborn babies and a guinea pig! Or 1/10th of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I lost 1.5lbs this week, but to be honest it could have gone either way. My household came down with the proverbial freshers flu so I threw pointing to the wind and just ate what made me feel better. Much of that included orange juice and protein-based foods, the rest of it was more junky. Ice-cream DOES help soothe a sore throat, but kinder eggs? Really? The little toy(the squirrel out of Ice Age by the way) did cheer me up, but the chocolate couldn't have been much use. I also had to deal with a couple of big party nights- the first big freshers night out in the town, and our housewarming/S's birthday party. I did veer off from the vodka and cokes somewhat but I guess I managed to dance enough to save the situation.

This week I'm back on gotten back on track pretty well. I've been for my induction at Fitness First which I love- going to get to a class as soon as I have time, hopefully this weekend. Next week I've got a personal trainer session to devise a proper workout program to help keep me on the straight and narrow.
 I've been walking everywhere as well, but my pedometer's broken(the battery fell out and I cant find it) so I don't know if I should be getting more activity points. I'm walking half an hour to uni and half an hour back again, half an hour to the gym and half an hour back again, and an hour to WW meetings, so my walking levels are way up compared to the summer...
Talking about my WW meeting, they seem to be different in Crewe. Back home everyone is very chatty and joins in a lot giving suggestions and the like, and every goal or achievement gets a round of applause! But here everyone seems to be silent and there isn't even a "well done" from everyone for successes. It's been like this at a couple of different meetings here. Maybe hebdeners are just a more effusive bunch.

Still, I got enough of an ego boost to tide me over for a fair while last night: A boy-a very good,old friend of mine- who I have liked on and off for about 9 years now told me that he's liked me for a year and do I "want up?".


Fun times ahead.


September Pledge Results

1:Get as close to my 10% as possible-Completed!
2: Get as close to my 3rd silver 7 as possible-Completed!
3:Lose about 1.5lb a week-Lost 8lbs this month, so average of 2lbs a week. Even better!
4:Don't binge over freshers on food OR drink-not great on this one, but not drinking very often.
5:Don't let parties become excuses-also not great on this one. WIll really need to try hard over halloween time.
6:When back at uni, go swimming at LEAST 4 mornings a week.-Not happened, I'm rubbish at swimming, but I have increased my walking AND joined the gym so I'll count this as a victory.
7: Join WW meeting as SOON as I get to Uni.
-Done and DONE!

So overall not a bad month.


October Pledges
1: Make a meal plan every week, and base shopping lists around it.
2:Try at least one new recipe per week.
3:Go to at least one excercise class a week.
4:Keep losing weight at a steady rate of 1.5-2lbs a week.
5:Set regular times to go to the gym and stick to them.
7:Halloween does NOT have to mean sugar.