Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Pound That broke The Plateau's Back

I have been a godawful weight watcher for the past year. I started off great, and then I went way off track. I've made my excuses, I've clawed my way back.
But excuses don't change the fact that for the last year I have bounced my way around the same stone continuously. Pro-points was the kick up the bum I needed and I am FINALLY starting to gain back some control, and see those numbers start to shift.
At last nights meeting I actually jumped off the scales and whooped with joy. I *only* lost a pound but it was my most significant pound lost to date. With that pound I broke OUT of the 13's and into the 12s! 
I am excited to be in the 12s because in breaking into the ELEVENS I will be marking off 
1) my 20% weight loss!
2) My 6th and 7th silver sevens! 
and most excitingly

I cannot WAIT to be *just* overweight.


At Start of WW:
WEIGHT:15st10lb (220lb or 99.8kg)

WEIGHT: 12st13.5lb (181.5lb or 82.3kg)
BMI:31 (at the very bottom end of obese)

Thats a total loss so far of 

One of these, PLUS

a rack of these (eww...)
PLUS (!)

Half of one of these!

Or in terms we can ALL understand...

About 1/6th of Arnold Schwarzenegger!

This was JUST the boost i needed to keep me feeling motivated through the holiday season.
Bring on the elevens!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Cinderella Dress

In the couple of weeks that led up to me joining weight watchers I had to figure out what I was going to wear for my cousins wedding. At 5ft 4 and 15st 10lbs I wasn't fitting into much of anything pretty, so I got rather stressed out about this - cue impulse buying madness.
I bought a BEAUTIFUL 1950's style rose print dress from H&M, without trying it on - it was MILES too small.
This was a year and 3 months ago.


For tonights uni xmas party I was trying to find something I wasn't bored of to wear - and found the bag full of 'stuff to fit into' and had a rummage. I found that rose print dress, slipped it on, and zipped it up.
It fit's like a dream.

So tonight I am in full cinderella mode and plan on being the belle of the ball!

EDIT: (next day) I couldn't find my camera so I'm relying on photobooth and anyone who managed to get a picture of me before I had to be taken home drunk (I forgot to eat anything substantial before drinking so ended up a bit...messy). There I am twirling away in the middle!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Weekly Points Experiment.

This week I'm trying something a little different.
A couple of times now I've had binges and used up all my weekly points and then completely pannicced in case i did it again and didn't have a 'safety net' and totally sabotaged myself.
To prevent that this week I'm treating my weekly points differently.
I've picked three treat-like things that I am prone to a) eating a lot of if I have it around and b) not bothering to measure as accurately as I should.
1) A smallish block of reduced fat mature cheddar cheese (18)
2) Whats left of my bottle of orange and passion fruit squash (10)
3) A bottle of dry white wine for my xmas party on Tuesday (18)
 I have pre-tracked these things at the start of my week, using up all but 2 of my weekly points (I went one over yesterday). I can have as much of them as I like when I like and I won't need to go through the rigmarole of weighing/measuring it all out because I have already accounted for it. The panic is gone because I know all I need to do is stick to my 30 daily points without feeling like some days have been binge days and others hungry days. For me, doing this makes it liveable.
Basically I'm playing tricks on myself, but so far it's working for me!

How are you making the new plan work for you?