Saturday, 13 November 2010

Graze Boxes on Pro-Points

 This is just my old Graze Box post but with values in Pro-points...

I know these divide opinion massively but I think they're an awesome idea.
For those who havent heard of them its basically a box of healthy snacks sent by post for you to graze on throughout the week, such as Fresh and dried fruit, nuts, seeds and crackers. The points values that I've heard of so far range between 2-7 pro-points, and 0 points if you get the boxes with fresh fruit, so obviously some snacks are better than others but you can choose to "bin" anything you don't want sending.

The points values I've managed to find out so far are:
Apple Strudel - 2 pp
Golden Pineapple Rings - 2pp
The Beach - 2pp
The lost army cracker mix - 2 pp
Agadoo - 3pp
Great Fire Dragon - 3 pp
Italian Stallion - 3pp
Korean Chilli rice crackers - 3 pp
Little Figgy Went To Market - 3pp
Love Mix - 3 pp
Olive, rosemary and siciliano pesto focaccia - 3 pp
Organic Whole Apricots 3pp
Paper Tiger - 3pp
Sour Mango Tangtastic - 3pp
Beach Bum - 4pp
Detox - 4pp
Hot Cross Yummy - 4pp
Milkshake Mix - 4pp
Billionaire's Shortbread - 5pp
Green Olives with fresh basil and garlic - 5pp
Honeycomb Flapjack - 5pp
Lightly Toasted Pistachios - 5 pp
Made in America 5pp
Mayan Mocha - 5pp
7 Fruits Flapjack - 6pp
Ancient Forest Nuts - 6pp
Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack - 6pp
Cracked black pepper cashews - 6pp
Fiery Seeds 6pp
Fire Nuts 6pp
Fruit and Nut Case - 6 pp
Honey Nut Almonds - 6pp
Kalamata and Amphissa Olives With Chilli and Garlic - 6 pp
Kalamata Olives with herbs - 6pp
salsa tossed cahsews 6pp
Savoury Roasted Seeds - 6pp
  Sweet and Sour Nuts - 6pp
Americas nut mix - 7pp
Aztec Gold - 7pp
Copacabana - 7 pp
Hickory smoked Almonds & macadamias 7pp
Hickory Smoked Hazels and Cashews - 7pp
Oven Roasted Cashews - 7pps
Sweet As A Nut - 7pp

I'll add to this when I find out more- if you know of any not listed please comment! Forewarned is forearmed as it were...or four-armed, or something. 

Anyhow If anyone wants to try it out (UK only I'm afraid :( ) then go to and put in this code: 635YGP8

If you use this code you'll get your first box free and your second half price (they normally cost £2.99 with free posting). I'll also get a discount off my next box so it works out nicely for everyone : )
I'm not getting paid in any other way for this so I dont consider it advertising- your just helping subsidise a penniless student's dried fruit addiction and getting yourself some yummy healthy treats into the bargain :D


Online Journalling on Pro-Points- Day 3

November 12 Food and Exercise Journal- Housemates Birthday!
time- food/exercise (points)
8.00am- Green tea (0) Wholemeal pitta bread (4) Cottage Cheese (1) Vegemite (0) letuuce (0) grapes (0)
9.30am-Walk to Uni
12.00pm- had to stay in uni for tutorials, lunch from S.U.= cheese, crackers and pickle (11) low fat rice pudding (4) Freddo bar (3) Dr. pepper Zero (0)
1.00pm-Walk home (pedometer to healthy)
2.00pm- lick of caramel off spoon decorating housemates cake.... (1)
3.00pm- Pitta Bread (4) Quorn (2) vegemite (0) salad (0)
5.00pm- Graze Box Smoked nuts and aztec gold (14)
7.30pm-Birthday cake (7)
8.00pm- tortilla (3) vegemite (0) salad (0) Quorn (1)
9.00pm- Birthday cake again (7)
10.00pm- Rum and Diet Coke (2)

Points Summary
30/30 Daily Pro-Points used
30/49 Weekly Points used (11 remaining)
 4 Activity Points earned
12/12 Activity Points used

GHG Summary
fruits/vegetables: not  the best
Liquids:Probably, there was a lot of green tea today which didn't get tracked
healthy oils: nope
lean protein:CHECK!
vitamins: nope
activity: CHECK!

Lessons learned:
So today was pretty damn heavy on points. And I've found it stresses me out less using up the weekly points if I use up my activity points first. I also managed to stick to just one drink last night which i'm pretty proud about!
Biggest fall of the day came from not bringing lunch in to uni and then being asked by my friend to stay behind for a meeting with her, I need to have more snacky things/fruit in my bag!
A day like this on the old plan would have sent me off into a spiral of 'why bother' I'll gain anyway this week', but in theory if I can keep to my daily 30 for the rest of the week then I should still have a loss!

Today's Plan:

breakfast- apple,porridge oats(4) milk (1) raspberries(0)
lunch- salad veg (0) beans (4?) quorn (2) olive oil (3) cheese (2)
dinner- noodles (3) stir fry veg (0) sauce (1/2?)
snacks-fruit (0) graze box things?(I'm going to start making a list of graze box pro-points on here- if anyone has any please let me know!)
exercise- not much, todays an essay day...

Friday, 12 November 2010

Online Journalling on Pro-Points- Day 2

November 11 Food and Exercise Journal
time- food/exercise (points)

10.15am- Banana (0) Apple (0)

10.45am- Wholemeal Pitta Bread (4) tsp Vegemite (0) Lettuce (0) 60g reduced fat cottage cheese (1) Green Tea (0)

12.00pm- falafel (8) 2tsp olive oil (3) salad veggies (0) grapes (0) Diet Coke (0)

12.30pm-walk to uni + rehearsal = healthy on pedometer

5.00pm- Cadburys miniatures (7)

6.45pm- fry lite (0) noodles (3) stir fry veg (0) chow mein sauce (1)

7.30pm (20g cheddar cheese (2)

8.00pm- grapes (0) passion fruit (0) Greek Yogurt (1) honey (1)

10.00pm- Green Tea (0)
Points Summary
30/30 Daily Pro-Points used
1/49 Weekly Points used (41 remaining)
4 Activity Points earned
0/8 Activity Points used

GHG Summary
fruits/vegetables: CHECK!
Liquids:getting closer
healthy oils: CHECK!
lean protein:need to find out if falafel is protein!
vitamins: nope
activity: CHECK!

Lessons learned:
Involving a trampoline in the current show means I get a good sneaky work out in at uni!

Today's Plan:

breakfast- apple, banana (0) Pitta (4) cottage cheese(1) vegemite (0)
lunch- quorn of some kind? with other stuff? I dunno
dinner- More stir fry maybe?
snacks- Housemates birthday cake (between 5 and 10)
exercise- walk to uni and back

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Online Journalling on Pro-Points- Day 1

 Everyone is still working out what the best things to eat are, and the best way to use up all our points are on the new plan! Because of that I thought this might be a good time to do another week of blog-journalling so you could see how I'm transitioning to pro-points, which if you haven;t read my last post already, I LOVE! I've borrowed *cough* nicked *cough* my jounralling template from the wonderful and lovely leah of Leah: The Kind Weight Watcher .  Go check her out, she's one of my favourites!
I'll be posting the previous day's journals on here rather than updating throughout the day!

November 10 Food and Exercise Journal -Weigh In Day
time- food/exercise (points)

11.15am- Wholemeal Pitta Bread (4) tsp Vegemite (0) Lettuce (0) Apple (0)

12.10pm- 45 Minutes Wii Fit-muscle routine and expert cycling (Moderate) (+3AP)

4:00pm- Mini Milkybar (2)

6:00pm- Weigh In , Lost 4.5lbs! Coffee (0) with semi skimmed Milk (2) Falafel (8) Cherry Tomatoes (0)

7:00pm- Banana (0) Walk To The Supermarket (Healthy on pedometer +1AP)

8:30pm- Leek, Cheddar and Mushroom Bake (10) Steam Bag Vegetables (1) 2tsp Basil Olive Oil (3)
11:00pm- 10 Cadburys Miniatures (7)
Points Summary
30/30 Daily Pro-Points used
7/49 Weekly Points used (42 remaining)
4 Activity Points earned
0/4 Activity Points used

GHG Summary
fruits/vegetables: CHECK!
healthy oils: CHECK!
liquids: Not even close
lean protein: not sure, is falafel protein?
vitamins: nope
activity: CHECK!

Lessons learned:
On WI day I need to get up and have breakfast earlier so I have time to have lunch without it affecting my WI. I was super hungry by the time I got to my meeting. But the plan works!

Today's Plan:

breakfast- apple, banana (0) Pitta (4) cottage cheese or houmous?
lunch- falafel (8) salad (0) 2tsp olive oil (3)
dinner- pasta (3) pesto? garlic bread (2) salad (0)
snacks- grapes (0) cadburys miniatures?
exercise- walk to uni and back + rehearsals

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A Love Letter To The Pro-Points Plan!

Dear Pro-Points Plan,
You are truly made of magic!
I have been on you for 3 days now and at WI tonight you gave me a 4 and a half pounds loss, my 5th silver seven, and my 15%! I'm now down to my lowest weight on WW so far and am filled with much excitement and epic levels of glee!
I think you were made for me. You see my tendency to binge once then blow it for a week and give me a safety net for those incidences. I am feeling more in control now than I have done for the last year and it makes me HAPPY!

I look forward to a long and productive relationship with you.
Ever yours,
the fat girl finally making headway in getting slim...