Sunday, 2 August 2009

There she goes, my beautiful world...

I WILL fit back into this dress.

Done and Done. The clothes are PACKED *sob*.
My wardrobe looks thoroughly depleted(it all fits comfortably on one rail for a start). But I am confident this will work.
Looking through all the old clothes has reminded me of a lot of thinner happier memories, and I've rediscovered some GORGEOUS clothes I'd lost all hope of ever fitting into again.
And as such, I feel a hell of a lot more motivated.
I WILL fit in them.
If I lose just 1.5lbs a week then this time next year exactly, I should be at goal!
And I'll be wearing a whole new-old wardrobe :D
Clothes I'm especially looking forward to fitting into again:
-my tight rockabilly tattoo dress
-my green silk teadress
-my blue and white polkadot pencil skirt
- my FAVOURITE flowery teadress(nicest. dress.ever.)
-my Lia ink collectif dress
-My Moto jeans
-the perfect black top
-my chinese wrap dress
-my gothic lolita dress
-all my rockabilly stuff
I'm so excited :p

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