Wednesday, 17 February 2010

15% Off!

At last nights meeting I weighed in at 13st 4lb - taking me 1lb past my 15%!
It's been a while since I've hit one of these mini-milestones but it does feel great.
I think I may have gotten my second wind with this WW malarkey.
Fingers crossed I can keep it up, I'm only 1lb off my 5th silver 7!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Week of Accountability - Day 7

This weekends a bit of a mad one. We are celebrating-
- My 21st belatedly, because I got really ill last time I was home
-My mums birthday
-My brothers girlfriends birthday
-Valentines day

Anyhow it means that we had a slap up brunch of
2 Croissants (approx. 10)
1 Pain au Chocolat (approx. 6)
2 tsp sunflower spread (2)
Jam (2.5 ish)

Veggies for the rest of the day however...

Week of Accountability - Day 6

I was out in Leeds for an awesome day of shopping(Chrisoper Kane for topshop dress for £6.30 anyone?!) and going to see my friend Chris in The History Boys at WYP (Brilliant. Amazing. Go see it right now. It's touring everywhere)
Anyhow -food was reasonably ok-ish though hard to point. I'll get back to you on it

Big bowl of shreddies
skimmed milk
2 tsp brown sugar

Slice of Pizza
Green Salad (0)

White Chocolate Magnum
Fentimans Ginger Beer

Friday, 12 February 2010

Week of Accountability - Day 5

Super quick one
Nesquick (1.5)
Skimmed Milk (0.5)
Cereal Bar (1.5)
Biscuit (1.5)

Veggie Chorizo (2)
Butter Beans (1.5)
Olive Oil (2.5)
Quorn Ham (0.5)
Lettuce (0)
Rocket (0)
Radish (0)
Celery (0)
Cucumber (0)
Mushroom (0)
Tabasco (0)
Lime Juice (0)
2 Mini Pitta Breads (2)

Chocolate (6)

Cheese and Tomato Baguette ( estimated 9)

Well I've not done very well today :s
AND i forgot to wear my pedometer, though I've done the same amount of walking as I have most days recently so I can estimate I've earned around 3 activity points.
Still, that sets today at

And I'm at home from uni for the weekend so these postings are going to be sporadic and estimated.
I'll see what I can do.

Havent had time to work out points properly but there was a moment of insanity involving 4 digestive biscuits, a bit of french bread and some butter.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Accountability Week - Day 4

Another Lie-in. Another Brunchy day. I'll try to make this one less snacky.

Special K Creamy Berry Crunch (3)
Skimmed Milk (0.5)
Banana (1.5)
Macaroni Cheese [I was craving it something rotten] (1.5)
Mini Pitta Bread (1)

7.5/21 so far.

Went into town to get mum a birthday present and ended up eating
27g Port Salut Cheese (2)
Pear and Almond Tart (9.5)
Chocolate Egg (1)


So thats 20/21 for now...

I was hungry and knew I'd gotten points on my pedometer so for tea I had

2 Mini Pitta Breads (2)
Vegetarian Brussels Pate (1.5) -YUM!
Rocket (0)
Cereal Bar (1.5)

This takes me to 25/21 Points
Pedometer: 17510 steps (5)

Equals 25/26 Points.


Damn my housemate making pasta and filling the house with hunger inducing cheesy smells.

Just ate (devoured)
veggie crisps (1.5)

so 26.5/26

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Accountability Week - Day 3

Feeling guilty about last nights binge. TOTM and having chocolate in the house is a very bad combination.  Need to do some excercise to account for that one. Not going to get a lift to and from uni today, shall walk it instead. And I'm doing physical theatre rehearsals for 3 hours so that ought to earn me some bonus points! If I'm not completely knackered afterwards I'll try and drag myself down the gym, but I'm not sure what today will entail so no promises there.

Slept in rather late today so This first one is more of a brunch deal...

2 Mini Pitta Breads (2.5)
Extra Light Soft Cheese (1)
Quorn Smokey Ham Slices (0.5)
Tabasco (0)
Harvest Chewee Bar (1.5)
Vegetable Crisps (1.5)

Very late, very sleepy.
Curly Kale (0)
Cabbage (0)
Green Beans (0)
Broccoli (0)
Sweetcorn (1)
Olives (1.5)
Houmous (1.5)
Sweet Potato (2.5)

That was all lovely but i've been really snacky all evening so I'm going to have to add...
Cereal Bar x 2 (3)
Fudge Bar (2)
Babybel Light x 3 (3)
WW Berry Kisses Fruities (0.5)

22/21 Daily Points
Pedometer: 13805 Steps (3.5)


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Accountability Week - Day 2

 I feel like this accountability project is really making a difference in my habits already. I went and did a big food shop last night (after spinning = the time they've just reduced all the veg and stuff! shall do that more often) and I found myself thinking things like
-If I buy the multipack of fudge bars, I'll end up eating them all in one go, and then I'll have to write about it.
-This blog will be really boring if I just eat the same foods constantly. Lets see what's new and exciting to get- Hence vegetable crisps, mini pitta breads, and a massive variety of veggies!
It's definately making me think twice.
I also got myself a little reward for if I complete this week honestly - a VERY cute little red plastic beaded necklace with a bow on it...
Even If I dont come out of this week with a perfectly balanced within points tracker, as long as I have actually tracked everything I can have it.

I didn't get off to the best of starts today. I slept in very late so didn't have time to eat a proper breakfast, and forgot to bring any lunch so I've just been picking at bits and pieces whenever I've had a break from lectures and monitoring the Soldier's Song project, and not making the best choices.

Breakfast(Kind of -I've just grouped together the morning snacks)
2 Small Bananas (2)
Apple (0.5)
2 Cereal Bars (3)
Vegetable Crisps (4)
Water (0)

Lunch (Grabbed in the canteen- points approximated)
Baguette (4.5)
Cheese (4.5)
Salad (0)
Dr Pepper Zero (0)

So far thats 18.5/21
And my pedometer is up to 1 point so far.
I'm walking to WI tonight to get the points up a bit more, and will be dipping into my saved points to have some tea when I get back.


I lost 2lb at WI tonight! YAY! somethings going right :D

I ended up getting the bus there because i was running late, but it drove straight past me afterwards and I ended up walking back. clearly the WW karma gods paying me back for not being punctual!
at the meeting they had various samples of bars and cakes that someone had made out of one of the cookbooks and I had some, and then was starving on teh way back so ended up buying a snack which means my points are now
Evening :
Cake sample (1)
Chocolate sample (1)
2 Mini Babybel light (2)
Tesco 'low fat(yeah right)' hazelnut yoghurt (3) (3! for a low fat yoghurt! thatll teach me to go out without my points caluculaor again!)

Pedometer is up to 16439 steps which gives me an additional 4.5 points so today is
wow that worked out nicely :p

and im going to go have some 0 points veggies cos im still not full.

*edit again*
ughhh screwed up.
Had a moment of insanity and ate
2 cereal bars (3)
tons of bloody chocolate (7.5)

cant keep it in the house.

so today basically adds up to:
36/26 points (i got another 0.5 on the pedometer)
And today being WI day its the start of a new track week so i dont have the spin class points to make up for it.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Accountability Week - Day 1

I've strapped my pedometer on tight. I'm feeling a definite sense of renewed vigour.
Here goes everything!

Shape Fat Free Blueberry Yoghurt (1)
Chopped Walnuts (2)
Elderflower Cordial (0.5)
Water (0)

Lunch: (Packed because I'm in lectures from 1-5)
Cherry Tomatoes (0)
Red Pepper (0)
Celery (0)
Salad Leaves (0)
Lime Juice (0)
Tabasco (0)
Black Olives (1)
Sweetcorn (0.5)
Chopped Walnuts (1.5)
Black Eyed Beans (3)
Olive Oil (2.5)

wow that salad was yummy...

2 Quorn Fillets (1.5)
Jerk sauce (0.5)
4 Stuffing balls (4)
Cherry Tomatoes (0)
Yellow pepper (0)

Anytime Snacks:
Black Coffee (0)
2 Skittles [very silly amount!] (0)
Vegetable Crisps (2)

22/21 points eaten.

Spinning (7)
walking- I accidentally reset my pedometer but it had got to 0.5 points by then and I've walked quite a bit more since so I'll take a conservative estimate at (1)

Which means overall today Ive had
22/28 points.
And I'm saving the rest.
I'll be going home this weekend for my mums birthday so I suspect I'll need the buffer!
And also...
Very proud of myself. My lecturer brought in valentines chocolates to share around the class and I just passed them straight on :D Yay for self-discipline!

Sunday, 7 February 2010


It's what I've been missing of late.
Aside from last weeks somewhat anomalous 2.5lb loss I have been drifting up and down plateauland for quite some time now, and I'm sick of it.
When I started Weight Watchers I was home for the summer, and my mum joined with me. This meant I had someone to be accountable to, someone to get enthusiastic with, someone to pick me up and dust me off when I slipped off the wagon into the mud.
But since I came back to uni my weightloss has slowed to a snails pace.
And I believe the primary reason is that I am on my own in this.
Now I KNOW that the only person who is truly to blame for my weight is me. I know only I can control what goes in my mouth. I know that only I can drag myself down to the gym and away from the computer.
But it's really really hard.
I need to know that someone is keeping an eye on me, that someones going to be happy when I succeed and supportive when I start to slip.
It's just too easy to hide biscuits in my room and convince myself they dont count if no-one knows about them. I have LONG struggled with being a secret eater.

I used to save up all my pocket money, I even used to steal it from my parents loose change jar, and go down to the little shop to buy crisps and toffee and cream soda and coke and chocolate and penny sweets. I would hide in the graveyard on teh walk home and eat most of them there, and then smuggle the rest up to my room and finish them off. I'd sneak all the rubbish and wrappers to the bin outside in the square so mum wouldn't notice what I'd been doing when she put the bins out. And then I'd go and eat tea and pretend I was starving hungry.

I'd like to say this is a habit I've grown out of, but it's not. I need to start being honest with myself and other people about the consequences of this behaviour.
So I am setting myself a challenge.
For the next week I am not only going to track meticulously - something I have neglected recently - but I am going to post every single thing I eat and drink, and the details of any excercise I do on here everyday.

From now on I am making myself accountable to you.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


2.5lbs off this week, I am BACK!
Not a lot had changed this week, I didnt stick to my plan of the old diet plus some extra points, nor did i get a lot of excercise in, but I DID increase my vegetable intake by a LOT.
They're on to something with this filling-foods malarkey. I really do feel a lot more full after a jaket potato and beans - and a giant plate full of vegetables- than i do with just the potato and beans.
Im gonna keep this up.
Off to the supermarket I go to get MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF SALADY GOODNESS!