Saturday, 1 August 2009

Clothes Size Challenge

Considering one of my biggest motivations for losing weight is fitting better in my clothes, and being able to 'get away with' a wider range of styles, I've decided to try a little experiment.
I'm trying on every single item of clothing in my wardrobe(and trust me, there's a HELL of a lot in there).
Anything that's too big- unless it really is supposed to be baggy, - is going on eBay, or to a charity shop straight away. I will never fit into it again, I am determined.
Everything that's too small- whether its just slightly gaping at the buttons, not hanging quite right on me- or I physically can;t get into it- is being packed in bags, labeled by size.
Only the clothes which actually fit me right at THIS MOMENT in time are going back in the wardrobe.

Every week, on weigh in day,(providing I have time) I will try on the things in my wardrobe. If they've gotten too big, they're going.
I will also try on everything in the bag of the largest size(say if my bags range from size 8 to size 18 I will try everything in the size 18 bag). Anything that fits can go in the wardrobe.
Hopefully this will motivate me in several ways:
  1. I get sick of wearing the same clothes over and over, so I'll want to lose more weight to have a bigger range of clothes again.
  2. It will keep me on track as it will be a constant reminder of WHY I am doing this.
  3. It will get rid of laziness over the diet as I know if I put the weight back on I'll have nothing to wear.
  4. It will stop me spending too much money on clothes as I'll be reminded that I don't plan on fitting in them for very long at all!
So, here goes!


  1. That's such a good idea! I am absolutely doing that when I get home... at the moment I just stubbornly try to keep squeezing into clothes that I've got to big for, and then forget all about them after a while.

  2. they're just using up way too much space in my wardrobe! And i keep going for outifts i know 'look good', when actually they DONT because theyre too small, rather than wearing the clothes I fit and therefore look much better in!
    I want to make the most out of those clothes whilst they still fit! Total waste of money otherwise....

    And this way it's like a whole new better fitting wardrobe every time i drop an inch!