Thursday, 30 July 2009

Do I hear IKEA?

Yes I do!
Me and one of my best friends decided it would be a fun day trip for us to go to she needed stuff for her new house at uni...I didn't especially NEED anything, but any excuse for a good bargainhunt and I'm there. I started out early so I could have a bit of a wander round the shops in Leeds. Most things I tried on didn't fit, or only just fitted whilst looking awful, but I really think I've turned over a new leaf because instead of crying and sulking and hating myself I just accepted it and thought 'Try again in a month's time...'. I'm really getting the hang of this positive thinking malarkey. Anyhow, I did end up buying a long black unitard/bodysuit type thing. I don't look good in it YET, buts it's simple and tight and will make for very accurate before and after photos, and I want to keep as accurate a record of this journey as I can. This time next year I WILL look good in that bodysuit- and you are my witnesses.
I also bought an awesome black beret, and then realised I'd essentially just got myself a mime costume. Here's hoping this years Voice and Body classes involve mime!
I then met up with my friend and we headed on over IKEAway, resisting the urge to take over the little playground thing outside it.For what must be the first time EVER I didn't even go in the restaurant, let alone stuff myself silly on elk-shaped pasta and weird cakes. I did buy WAY too much stuff but hey, everyone needs bedding and brightly coloured storage tins don't they!?
And then we reached the glorious and evilly tempting food shop....
And I did buy a lot of food. But I steered well clear of the ginger thin biscuits- I know I'm not in control enough to only eat one or two, I would finish the pack in a matter of minutes.
And instead of the daim dragees(which are GORGEOUS) I got a bag of the mini daim bars. No healthier, but they're individually wrapped and half a point each, so easy to keep track of and no excuses for over-indulging.
I also found blueberry, and rosehip soups. Which I think you can have hot or cold, but look like they'll be lovely either way, and very healthy- no fat in them at all! So i'm looking forward to those.
I'm fairly certain that carrying insanely heavy bags home again counts as excercise(must go down the gym before my pass expires...) but I'm not gonna point it just in case. I could do with saving all the points I can. I'm going to France next week and it's going to be a NIGHTMARE. Eating there as a vegetarian is hard enough, let alone when you're trying to cut back on the bread and cheese!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

It must be magic...

I thought I'd only lose about half a pound this week at most- I've not been eating particularly healthily, a lot of snacking, and whilst I haven't gone over my weekly points, I have eaten right up to the limit of my activity points.
However, somehow, possibly by magic, I have lost 3 and a half pounds !
That brings me down to my 5% goal(past it even), AND means I've lost my first stone with WW!
So I'm really pleased :D
Todays WI results then:
ARMS:15 Inches
BUST:40.5 Inches
WAIST:35.5 Inches
HIPS:47 Inches
THIGHS:28 Inches

So I now weigh as much as...a vespa
moped and the average humans skin

Or as much as a baby giraffe, an irish setter, a chihuahua and a guinea pig

I'm a human zoo!

Just made the WW halloumi burger recipe for tea. It crumbled like a crumble could only ever dream of crumbling. But I've heard other people complain it didn't hold together for them either, so I blame the recipe.
Now I'm gonna drink Bulmers light and watch Buffy....ahhhhhh....good times.


Monday, 27 July 2009

Down in the Doldrums...

  • ...whatever they may be. So, today started really rather badly. Woke up late and then stayed in bed listening to my hypnosis tracks. All good and relaxing so far. Then I went downstairs and decided to check my emails. Some little tosspot has hacked my hotmail, and now I cant get into it. Either they can email me information on how to reset my the email address I can;t access... or I can tell them who my childhood best friend was. Trouble is, I had about 5...all of whom could be written differently, with last names, without last names, capitalised etc. So it's a nightmare. Distracted myself with the G2 for about 5 minutes. Then off to town for THE BIG SHOP. Mum needed to get boring stuff so I had a look in Topshop and New Look while I was waiting. Big Sales...for Small people. Tried on a couple of things- the things that fit looked crap...and the things that didn't fit looked crapper. So that was a non-starter. Spent hours and hours(it felt) going round sainsburys with my little WW calculator trying to remember what was on the shopping list I so diligently made beforehand, and then forgot to bring along. Exciting Finds of the day:
  • nakd cocoa locoa bars. 2 points and really chocolatey and yummy.
  • a bright pink suitcase for my hols for a tenner!
  • falafelafalfelfalfelfalel or falafel.
  • 2L diet coke/diet cherry coke 2 for £2.
And...that was all fun and joyous. Went to the gym on the way home and cycled(whilst reading shopaholic and baby. Multitasker thy name is Florrie.) Earned myself 6 Activity points. Though I'm gonna try not to eat them... Had a nice tea of a GIANT salad with quorn mini scotch eggs, some chilli beans and a tortilla. Now I'm going to...try to get into my hotmail some more. Wish me luck. xxxxx

Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Big Stuff. it comes...
the measurements.
At Start of WW:
ARMS:16.5 Inches
BUST:42.5 Inches
WAIST:37 Inches
HIPS:48 Inches
THIGHS:30.5 Inches

(for honesty and accuracies sake throughout this journey- it's hard to measure arms,hips and thighs in the same place each week...)
So, to start with, I weighed 220 pounds. That's as much as a Vespa moped and a car tyre. That's scary.

Right now, 5 weeks later my measurements are:
WEIGHT:14st13.5lb(by tuesdays weigh in)
ARMS:15 Inches
BUST:42. Inches
WAIST:36 Inches
HIPS:48 Inches
THIGHS:30 Inches

I've lost 10 and a half pounds, which is somewhere between an average gallon of paint, and an average household cat. Glad I'm not carrying that around with me anymore.
So now i weigh as much as a vespa moped, and a slightly underweight housecat.
Shame I'm allergic to cats- guess I'll have to lose that next.
So there's my improvement so far! I'm gonna update my measurement every tuesday on WI day. Exciting stuff, hope you can handle such a cliffhanger of a situation...

And so it begins.

Actually it began a few weeks back.
Or if you REALLY want to be pernickety it started days and weeks and months and years and cakes and biscuits and sandwiches ago.

Anyhow. I'm 20 years old, 5 foot 3 inches tall, and up until 5 and a half weeks ago I was 15 Stone 10 Pounds, the heaviest I have ever, and WILL ever be.
I have dieted and failed before. Or more accurately I have dieted and lost weight, then gained it all back with interest.
I've tried:
The GI diet
The GI Jeans Diet
The Little Black Dress Diet
The 7 Day Desperation Diet
A Veggie version of the Atkins Diet
Various plans ripped out of magazines.
and most successfully- The heartbreak diet ( Take one phenomenally happy and in love relationship, watch it self destruct around you whilst only eating oranges and hot cross buns for a week. You'll lose a stone but that's mainly from the heart being torn out of your chest.)

If any of those had worked in the long run I wouldn't be here now.
But clearly I am.
I started University(Contemporary Theatre and Performance thankyouverymuch) about a stone ago. They were the best of times, they were of times some more. But I kept putting on yet more weight. I tried diets whilst I was there but they all went out the window when it came to drinking games and being able to eat whatever the hell I wanted whenever the hell I wanted because I was buying my own food for once.
My best friend is also a 'Big' girl, maybe a similar size to me, I really couldn't tell you. I am incapable of seeing myself at the size I really am. But I can see how big she is, and when your lecturers mix the two of you up because you clearly DO look alike, that is when it is time to CHANGE.

So coming home for the summer I knew that this summer could make or break me, weight loss wise. This may be the last long summer stretch of nothing-time I get in which to focus solely on changing my habits for the better. On my aunts recommendation my mum and I joined weight-watchers( she doesn't need to lose any weight but I think she knows I would have been too scared to go alone).

And for the first time ever, I'm losing weight slowly, but steadily, not feeling hungry, FINALLY getting the hang of portion sizes.
I've lost 10 and a half pounds so far, and I'm gonna keep right on losing.
I'm starting this blog so I can write what I feel about this journey- the things I maybe couldnt tell to someone face to face-and to keep me on track. Hopefully I can inspire some other inbetweenager to take control of their life, and their health, and make their world a happier place to be.

Let's you and me get thin together.