Monday, 3 August 2009

Coco avant...cocoa

If only I looked this good in a cut up man's suit...
My friend asked if I wanted to go to Leeds to see Coco avant Chanel(beautiful film), and i figured if i was gonna go to leeds I might as well do some shopping.
To really cement the motivational factor of the clothes, I've done what I always thought I'd never do and bought something to small so I can slim into it.
I have been lusting after this top forEVER, or for a few months at least, but I could only ever find it in a size 20- too big for my boobs, or a size 8-ridiculously small. Today I bought it in the size 8.
This time next year I will wear it.
And I will love it.

Also encountered a really hateful girl and her very camp friend in Miss Selfridge- she was rifling through a rack of skirts and saying- very loudly-
R.H.G: God they're all in FATTY sizes
V.C.F: suits you then
R.H.G:*hits him* yeah RIGHT. I'm a size 6.
*rifles some more*
R.H.G: I mean who is seriously a size(wait for it readers)........ 14!?!?!?!?!?
It's not size 6 but seriously....'fatty sizes'?!?!?!?!
Oooooooh I wanted to hit her.


Now I'm off to dye my hair.
If I can't be thin(yet) at least I'll be blonde(er)!


  1. God those girls really do need a good slap !!! Well done for keeping control !!
    Yay with the blonde.... Im 40 and Im sure I will still be dying my hair blonde when Im 90 !! ;O) x

  2. haha ALLL 90 year olds need to be peroxide blondes!
    It's the only way...

  3. God, yes my hand is itching to smack her into next week too.
    I'm 52 and getting steadily blonder. Both meanings of the word! Go for it, girl!

  4. *punches ridiculous girl in face* Once, when shopping with me (when I was size 12-14) my FRIEND (size 8) was looking at leggings, but could only find the ones she wanted in a size 12, and commented to our other (size 8) friend that 'maybe the answer is to get really fat, then we can wear these'.


  5. friends can be rather frustrating like that...