Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bad Monday, Bad Tuesday, Bad Wednesday...

No happy ending this week.
So I failed my "Towersey Trials" quite epicly.
I came home to a 2lb gain. My first gain with WW. And yes, I cried. I feel like shit.
So this weeks stats:

I'm too depressed to measure the rest today.
So last post I said:

I'll be at Towersey for a week and i suspect running around like mad, PLUS theres ceilidhs every day!

So it turned out I was actually sitting for most of it- helping with crafts, manning the doors, watching concerts that were all seated... and I didn't make it to anywhere as many ceilidhs as planned. Thus activity this week pretty much equals nil. Or nowhere near enough to burn off the amount of food i ate. Yes I ate the food I brought along. All of it. And then there was also pick'n'mix, crisps,oreos,pizza,cheeseburgers,pasta...
Each one of them.
(except the pizza, that was bloody good)

I didn't drink this weekend which is a very good thing considering- the thought of having to manage 84 kids wielding scissors and glitterglue first thing in the morning with a hangover was too dreadful to bear.

Anyhow the time has come (the walrus said) to talk of many things. Of getting back on track this week and cabbages and things...
I need to shape up NOW. so this week-
  • 10,000 steps a day, even if its raining, even if it means walking on the spot in front of the telly.
  • 2 litres of water MINIMUM.
  • No sandwiches, i need to cut down majorly on my bread consumption-bad habit of mine.
  • Proper meals instead of constant snacking. If I need something between meals it will be fruit, veg or WW yoghurt.
Time to review august pledges and make dome new ones!

So august's were
1) get as close to my 10% as possible.(buggered that one up. I've gained a pound and a half since the start of the month)
2) Get as close to my 3rd silver 7 as possible.(ditto)
3) maintain if not lose whilst in France.(lost half a pound!)
4) Maintain if not lose whilst at Towersey Festival( FAIL. EPIC SHITTY FAIL.)
5) Drink my 2L water EVERY day THROUGHOUT the day.(not too good there,way too much diet coke, not enough water)
6) Not use escalators or Lifts unless I'm carrying huge amounts of luggage, or there's no other option(or I'm injured).(not bad at all actually)
7) Not binge over my brother's and my dad's birthdays.
(giant fry up breakfast on my brothers, but then didn't eat all day, and was ok on my dads)

1:Get as close to my 10% as possible
2: Get as close to my 3rd silver 7 as possible
3:Lose about 1.5lb a week
4:Don't binge over freshers on food OR drink
5:Don't let parties become excuses
6:When back at uni, go swimming at LEAST 4 mornings a week.
7: Join WW meeting as SOON as I get to Uni.

Looks like I've just got to keep trying for that ever after...

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