Thursday, 28 April 2011

Taking the scenic route

Hi everybody! I'M BACK!
Dissertation has been handed in so I have a bit of time to actually be me again...which means blogging is back on the cards.
I've been pretty absent from blogging, and pretty absent from the WW-plan as a whole if I'm brutally honest with myself. I've been tracking now and then but only on the good days, and the bingey days have been increasing in number to a scary degree.
The result of which has been an un-productive weight loss over these easter holidays. After the 5lb loss came a 4.5lb gain, then a half pound loss then a half pound gain...
All in all, not very good.

However, a very exciting thing happened when I came home this easter. I fit back into a lot of my old clothes. And I mean a LOT of them. I wrote about packing away too-small clothes in THIS post and am proud to say that of that list I am back into the tight rockabilly tattoo dress... In fact, at a recent party my camera with THIS picture on:
Im totally sucking in but STILL!
got passed around and exclaimed over, much to my EXCRUCIATING embarrassment. 
I'm also back into the green silk teadress - which I wore to my college leavers ball, AND the harlequin dress I wore to my high-school leavers ball!
Yes I made it myself. No it wasn't fancy dress. This was my attempt to replicate vivienne westwood with severely limited resources...

I've officially dropped a dress size and I'm back down to the size I was in college more or less, which is AMAZING.
The downside to this was that a lot of my favourite clothes are now too BIG and I've had to sell them, (apart from one or two items that I'm saving for before/after photos of course ; ) )
It's a bit weird suddenly dressing like college-me again, but I can't afford a whole new wardrobe when I have a perfectly good old one that's been neglected for several years!
I'm looking forward to a lot of 'ooh, is that new?', 'no, it's actually really old'... conversations happening back at uni.

So all in all, while I haven't lost a significant amount of weight over the last couple of months, I've clearly been doing something right because I am definitely smaller.
(I had a glorious time on Good Friday meeting up with a good friend of mine who I haven;t seen in person for about a year and a half due to university, who spent most of the day exclaiming over how much weight I'd lost and actually calling me SKINNY! I HAVE NEVER BEEN CALLED SKINNY IN MY LIFE!)

I have been seriously bingey lately and NEED to get in in check (and I have a whole massive post about binging planned) so for now I have made a meal plan which I am STICKING TO, and I am going back to tracking on paper rather than online.

I have to say, it feels good to be back.

p.s. as soon as I get my act together there are going to be proper photos of new-old wardrobe times!