Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Freshers Frenzy

I'm back in the creweniverse once more!
I've been back for about a week and a half now and WW-wise it's not been smooth sailing.
I've been binging massively- buying too many snack foods and chocolate and eating them all rather than stickng to my meal plan. And the drinking...oohhhhh the drinking. Back home I'm not a heavy drinker at all, I can literally count the drinks I had over the summer, but back at uni it's a different matter entirely. Yes iI started on teh vodka and coke, but then I was offered wine, and then MORE vodka, and then I went and ate stupid amounts of junk. And then L went and made fairy cakes and iced me one with my name on it...and I couldn't NOT eat it. Then there was the beginning of freshers weekend, where I drank cider. Notl ight cider. Proper cider. And yet more vodka...and then there was the first BIG big night out with everyone last night. Where there were buy one get one free cocktails....the less said about them the better.
Anyway, yes, need to stop doing that. Chalk it up as a one off and move on.
Still on the upside I was thinking how much worse it could have been. If I hadn;t joined WW I would have been drinking cider and wine all the time, and binging on chinese and chips instead of just large amounts of low fat snacks. It could be so much worse than this.
My measuring tape hasn't been unpacked yet but my WI results for the last 2 meetings are
last week: -0.5lbs(the massive loss catching up with me)
this week: +0.5lbs, which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. In a strange way I wish I'd gained more so it would set me more of an example of how NOT to eat and drink. Grrr.
Nonetheless I've gotten my ass kicked back into gear by GIANT NSVs. Seeing everyone again after 3 months was wonderfful- last time I'd seen most of them I was 22lbs heavier- and they noticed! And spent all night telling me how gorgeous and healthy and happy I looked!!!!!!!
And naturally they asked how I've done it and I told them Weight Watchers...so they'll all be sneakily keeping an eye on me from now on- even if they don't let on! I know what they're like...
The support just continued marvelously when my housemate S moved in, and one of the first things she said was how much weight she'd gained this summer and that she wanted to join WW with me! So I get a live-in buddy!
L is being horribly painfully unsupportive however. She keeps making snide comments about WW and trying to persuade me to eat junk food and make cakes and things. When someone asked her "Don;t you think Florrie looks so great now" in response to how much I've lost so far she just gave a really nasty disbeliving look.
And L is otherswise my best friend, I love her to bits and she's wonderful about all sorts of other issues so I don;t know why she's acting so bitter about this. If it carries on I'm going to have serious words with her-something I'm VERY bad at doing.

I'm determined to get fully back on track this week and have something resembling a plan.
Today I bought the WW delicious cookbook- which has some gorgeous looking veggie recipes-a lot of which I can batch cook and then keep portions in the freezer for busy nights, so when I get home(no internet in the house yet- I'm sat in the library)I'm going to plan out the weeks meals in full, including some recipes from the book.
I'm also going to try and get down to the market tomorrow morning and buy a load of vegetables cheaply which I'm then going to make a MASSIVE match of 0-points soup for if I'm feeling at all bingey. I bought a set of 10 little round tupperware box things which are microwaveable and perfect sizes for soup, so they'll get frozen in those.
I also got myself an awesome portable salad container thing with a section in the lid for dressing(I'm thinking houmous or cottage cheese maybe) so I'll be having salad lunches lots and lots when I'm on campus. OMNOMNOM!

One final note- I bought a gorgeous dress today...In a size 14!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Manic Day

 Today has been insanely busy and crazy. Last day at home before I'm off to the creweniverse for uni.
And therefore packing. Which I've STILL not finished(will I ever?). Why do I have so much bloody STUFF?
Anyhow, what with uni and getting sorted and such I'm not going to be on the internet v. much(if at all) for a little while(which means tracking ON PAPER...scary), and thus this is my last blog for a while.
Somehow in amongst the madness  today I've managed to make the apple meringue pie recipe from this months WW magazine. haven't tried any yet but it looks and smells DELICIOUS! I'll post pictures sometime:p
I've also dug out mums old bike(she never uses it) and after it gets checked over and cleaned up and such I'm going to start actually using it. I've not ridden a proper bike in years, just the stationary ones at the gym... Quite a challenge but I'm excited by it. Hopefully the weather will be kind for a while til I get used to it again.
So for the forseeable future I bid you farewell!
Wish me luck in staying on track back at uni!!!!!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Back To School Report!

I was thinking about a meeting we had a week or so ago- we went through various subjects and how we could relate them to WW- p.e. for excercise, food tech for cooking, maths for points, english for tracking etc. and i was thinking we really ought to have school report type things for it to see how well we're doing in different'subjects' and how we can improve.
So heres a little game/excercise for everyone.
Fill in your own-give yourself a grade from A to F,and how you think you could improve over this next term...if it works i reckon we should do it every term!
Blog your's and please link me to them, I'd love to see how they work for you :D
Here's mine...


P.E.(are you getting 30mins excercise everyday?)
Plan:must try harder! will swim every other day at uni in addition to swing dance,walking and cycling.

English Lit:(Are you tracking everything?writing down everything you eat?)
Plan:keep it up, make sure little nibbles are tracked as well as excercise

English Language:(are you using positive can-do language to motivate yourself?)
Plan:very positive already, but mustn't let minor setbacks get me down

Maths:(are you using up the right number of points per day?)
Plan:tendency to binge and then cut back points. need to gain more excercise points so i can use these to offset my misdemeanours rather than starving myself for the rest of the week.

Science:(are you eating a balanced range from all the food groups?)
Plan: generally good, though tendency to rely of pre-packaged snacks and carbs if they're around. need to increase water consumption.

Food Tech:(are you experimenting with new recipes,foods and methods of cooking to ensure variety and enjoyment in your diet?)
Plan:started off well but in a bit of a rut. Will cook at least 1 new recipe a week as well as planning menu's in advance to ensure variety.

History:(Are you aware of your past habits so you can avoid gaining weight in the future? Do you read success stories for inspiration?)
Plan:LOVE the success stories,I'm very aware of my habits and triggers, I just need to work harder on controlling them.

Art: (do you have before (and after?) photos for your eventual success story?)
Plan:I have my before pics. I'm going to start doing pics every week so i can see gradual changes, and eventually put them together in a magical shrinking slideshow!

R.S.: (do you have faith in your ability to attain your goals?)
Plan:I do have faith! but I need to know that I can get myself back on track when I slip up, even it it's hard.

Textiles:(are you aware of clothes that suit your figure to give maximum positivity and confidence to you on your weight loss journey?)
Plan: I know exactly what suits me, though i need to stop buying clothes that I'm only going to fit for another few weeks!

ICT:(do you make full use of the esource technology? the tracker,the recipes,the stories,the chatrooms...)
Plan: im addicted to esource! on chatrooms all the time! but could use the recipes etc. more.

Bye Bye Moped!

I did a little bit of maths and realised that 14st2lb(current weight) is 198lbs. I'M OUT OF THE 200S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I NO LONGER WEIGH AS MUCH AS A VESPA MOPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I vow to ever do so again(unless they start making them much lighter than 200lbs.....
So I now weigh as much as a newborn giraffe plus a 40" Sony Bravia T.V.
Or the complete oxford english dictionary a 5 gallon bottle of water and a human head.

Much better.
Let's start by aiming to lose that extra head of mine....

This Weeks Stats:


ARMS:15 Inches
BUST:41 Inches
WAIST:35 Inches
HIPS:45.5 Inches
THIGHS:28 Inches

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Back in the game!!!!!!

I've been majorly off track these last few weeks, dealing with holiday in France enough so I could manage a tiny loss, and then a week of 'holiday mode thinking' which resulted in dreadful binge eating. I topped it all off with my week at towersey where I put on 2lb and was thoroughly miserable about it(though in hindsight it was right before TOTM so I was likely to be bloated and hormonal anyway).
Still, that was the kick I needed to get me back on track. I went and looked at my trackers from the first couple of weeks of WW and compared them to more recent ones, and did my best to follow them in habit. This meant:
a)way more fruit and veg, and filling food in general
b) more protein than carbs, i've been getting rather too reliant on sandwiches of late- NOT a good habit to get back into before uni starts.
c) less packaged snacky foods, not completely cut out, but being treated as treats as opposed to meal substitutes
d)cutting WAY way back on the diet coke.
And i stuck to it.
Excercise didnt really happen, but i got a damn good workout moving house, steep stairs and heavy boxes really take it out of you!

And I'm ecstatic to say it paid off, I'm well and truly back on track, with excellent results.
This week I weighed in at 14st2lb.
That's 6.5lbs off in ONE WEEK! Which the online tracker thing told me off for but I dont care!
It also took me to my 3rd silver 7!
and most excitingly
MY 10%!!!!

Which means so far I've lost 22lbs! That's the weight of 200 golf balls! or 22 guinea pigs!
Or a car tyre and a rack of babyback ribs!
or 2 housecats!
I'm really happy :D
Bought myself a couple of little treats on amazon as a reward for getting back on track and an incentive to keep going- including the cardio for indie rockers dvd which I'm excited about, though I suspect it's gonna be pretty intense!
I can't find a measuring tape at the moment so I'll post measurements tomorrow.

And if ever I moan about falling off track and not knowing how to, or if I can, pull myself back again, please direct me to this post!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Semi-Move

I was too tired to post about it yesterday, and do you know what? It was PHYSICALLY tired as opposed to sleepily/mentally tired. I think that's a state I need to feel more often.
My friend whose ground floor room we've been storing all our stuff in over the summer is planning on moving into the new house before I do. My other housemates( I shall call my flatmates D,L and S for slightly less confusion and slightly more anonymity than their names- they will feature plentifully over the next year or so I'm guessing). were saying they'd move my stuff up to my room so she could have her room back...but that made me feel guilty( I have a LOT of stuff and the stairs are insanely steep), and also a weird niggling bit of my brain was saying" no way you're going to do my excercise that doesnt really feel like excercise and needs to be done so I wont mind doing it, when I could do it instead".So I hotfooted it on over to the creweniverse and did some major lifting. So....Many....Boxes....
Knackering. But good workout :D
Whilst I was there I got a preview of the food-ness I will be living with however and it went like this...
(Watching telly)- cheese sandwiches are being eaten, I resist.
(L&D get back from the shops) L: who wants chocolate gateaux
Me: No thank you......well, I do WANT it...but I'm not going to have it...
L:why not?*looks puzzled*
Me *mumbling* weight watchers....
*L looks sceptical*
(not too long before I leave) D: are you staying for tea?
F:errm I might, what time are you having it?
*no actual answer given*
D: I was thinking of making pasta and pesto with some kind of garlic bread thing going on
Me: oh look at that It's time for my train....
This year is going to require planning of epic proportions and HUMOUNGOUS self-control.
wish me luck :s

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mixed Bag

Today's had good elements and bad ones.
The Good- I've come in 7 points under today! so I'm going to have an options cocoa and a weight watchers cookie and save up the rest.
The Bad-Excercise amounted to nothing today. Reading the time travellers Wife in bed- after a week with no matress, no duvet, and a pile of slightly damp jumpers for a pillow I couldn't drag myself out of bed! And then I couldn't find my pedometer.....
Ugh. Better luck tomorrow.

And whilst I'm going down this route...
The Ugly: My skin is SERIOUSLY showing the results of a week of bad eating. Worst spots I've had in years :( Anyone know any magic ways to get rid of them?

Now off to bed before I get tempted to eat any of the cold pasta in the kitchen....

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bad Monday, Bad Tuesday, Bad Wednesday...

No happy ending this week.
So I failed my "Towersey Trials" quite epicly.
I came home to a 2lb gain. My first gain with WW. And yes, I cried. I feel like shit.
So this weeks stats:

I'm too depressed to measure the rest today.
So last post I said:

I'll be at Towersey for a week and i suspect running around like mad, PLUS theres ceilidhs every day!

So it turned out I was actually sitting for most of it- helping with crafts, manning the doors, watching concerts that were all seated... and I didn't make it to anywhere as many ceilidhs as planned. Thus activity this week pretty much equals nil. Or nowhere near enough to burn off the amount of food i ate. Yes I ate the food I brought along. All of it. And then there was also pick'n'mix, crisps,oreos,pizza,cheeseburgers,pasta...
Each one of them.
(except the pizza, that was bloody good)

I didn't drink this weekend which is a very good thing considering- the thought of having to manage 84 kids wielding scissors and glitterglue first thing in the morning with a hangover was too dreadful to bear.

Anyhow the time has come (the walrus said) to talk of many things. Of getting back on track this week and cabbages and things...
I need to shape up NOW. so this week-
  • 10,000 steps a day, even if its raining, even if it means walking on the spot in front of the telly.
  • 2 litres of water MINIMUM.
  • No sandwiches, i need to cut down majorly on my bread consumption-bad habit of mine.
  • Proper meals instead of constant snacking. If I need something between meals it will be fruit, veg or WW yoghurt.
Time to review august pledges and make dome new ones!

So august's were
1) get as close to my 10% as possible.(buggered that one up. I've gained a pound and a half since the start of the month)
2) Get as close to my 3rd silver 7 as possible.(ditto)
3) maintain if not lose whilst in France.(lost half a pound!)
4) Maintain if not lose whilst at Towersey Festival( FAIL. EPIC SHITTY FAIL.)
5) Drink my 2L water EVERY day THROUGHOUT the day.(not too good there,way too much diet coke, not enough water)
6) Not use escalators or Lifts unless I'm carrying huge amounts of luggage, or there's no other option(or I'm injured).(not bad at all actually)
7) Not binge over my brother's and my dad's birthdays.
(giant fry up breakfast on my brothers, but then didn't eat all day, and was ok on my dads)

1:Get as close to my 10% as possible
2: Get as close to my 3rd silver 7 as possible
3:Lose about 1.5lb a week
4:Don't binge over freshers on food OR drink
5:Don't let parties become excuses
6:When back at uni, go swimming at LEAST 4 mornings a week.
7: Join WW meeting as SOON as I get to Uni.

Looks like I've just got to keep trying for that ever after...