Thursday, 29 April 2010

Very Sleepy

So...very...sleepy. It's been a LONG day.

Ok, so as many of you know I have been seriously off track for quite some time now. Last week it reached it's zenith(Is that the right word? It feels right and I like it so it's staying. Zenith zenith zenith.) with the week of uncontrollable ridiculous eating.
Dominos pizza
more dominoes
more cake
SO much cider
tons and tons and tons of sweets
and a hell of a lot more.

For no reason other than sheer laziness.

This week I gained 4.5lbs.
Taking me back up to 13st 12.5lbs.
Which mans I've had to revert some of my mini goals list to their original state.
Which SUCKS.

But it's also proved a huge kick in the pants.
Going around the supermarket today I just repeated to myself "Four and a Half Pounds. Four and a Half Pounds." And it actually steered me well clear of disaster.

This morning I got up early and walked half an hour to the gym, worked out for an hour, walked the half an hour back, walked the half an hour to Uni, rehearsed for three hours, and then walked back.
I'm knackered.

In a very good way.

AND I'M WITHIN POINTS TODAY! -as long as I include my activity points, which I do.
That is EPIC for me!
I'm giving myself a high five for a day back on track.

And now I'm going to bed.

(Also- I have just experienced the joys of 30 Rock. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?<3)

Monday, 12 April 2010

Report Card: Spring 2010

As you may be able to tell from the frequent absences and "drawing a line" posts, I've been way off track of late. I decided to read through all my old blog posts to try and get back some of the oomph I had last summer and came across my "Report Card" post. I think It's time I revisited this. And Any of you who have been wavering I reccomend you join in and post your own! Even if you are an exemplary WW-er then fill it in to show us what we're aiming for!

So heres a little game/excercise for everyone.
Fill in your own-give yourself a grade from A to F,and how you think you could improve over this next term...if it works i reckon we should do it every term!
Blog your's and please link me to them, I'd love to see how they work for you :D
Here's mine...


P.E.(are you getting 30mins excercise everyday?)
Plan:Haven't been to the gym at ALL this holiday. GOing to put some fresh batteries on the Wii Fit and get back onto this.

English Lit:(Are you tracking everything?writing down everything you eat?)
Plan:total failure here. Nothing tracked. Repeated gains. Tracking works for me, I NEED TO DO THIS EVERYDAY STARTING FROM RIGHT NOW.

English Language:(are you using positive can-do language to motivate yourself?)
Plan:I've been pretty defeatest of late but I'm feeling the inklings of a second wind blowing.

Maths:(are you using up the right number of points per day?)
Plan:This goes hand in hand with the tracking. I have no idea how many points I've been eating- I just know its more than I should have.

Science:(are you eating a balanced range from all the food groups?)
Plan: Fairly balanced, though with a tendency towards carb-heavy laziness. And rubbish breakfasts. Just rubbish.

Food Tech:(are you experimenting with new recipes,foods and methods of cooking to ensure variety and enjoyment in your diet?)
Plan:Not so much these last few days but last week I did a lot of cooking from my new WW recipe book which shook things up nicely! COntinue this for other meals, not just tea-time.

History:(Are you aware of your past habits so you can avoid gaining weight in the future? Do you read success stories for inspiration?)
Plan:I'm aware of my habits and pitfalls, I just seem to have lost motivation in tackling them.

Art: (do you have before (and after?) photos for your eventual success story?)
Plan:I haven't taken them yet -I just have some 'incidental' before shots - but i have a black unitard thing so while I'm at home with a full length mirror I will take some semi-before/current shots.

R.S.: (do you have faith in your ability to attain your goals?)
Plan:The faith has been slipping away. I know I have it within me to do this! I just need to keep reminding myself of this every day!

Textiles:(are you aware of clothes that suit your figure to give maximum positivity and confidence to you on your weight loss journey?)
Plan: I know exactly what suits me, though i need to stop buying clothes that I'm only going to fit for another few weeks!

ICT:(do you make full use of the esource technology? the tracker,the recipes,the stories,the chatrooms...)
Plan:I have been getting back onto the chat boards a lot more often, but i need to start making use of the tracker again!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Note To Self

Food consumed at other peoples houses still contains calories.

Food consumed outside your house still contains calories.

Food snuck into your room and eaten in secret still contains calories.

Cheesy chips snuck off your brothers plate still contain calories.

Drinking martini with the girls all night definitely still contains calories.

Kindly cease and desist.

    Your still considerably oversized body.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter Holidays!

Home again Home again!
Went to my old WI meeting again, to many people saying how good I look and how well I've been doing...or so it must have seemed to them. I feel like I've been a bit of a mess when it comes to keeping up with WW at uni. Yes I have gym membership but I don't go as often as I should. Yes I can do the half an hour walk to uni and back each day, but if I'm offered a lift I never turn it down. Yes I can write menu plans but I'll rarely stick to them. All in all some habits need a major makeover.
I gained 2.5lb this week taking me back up to 13st 8lb which sucks, but I was expecting it. The last week of term always involves eating up whatever's left in cupboards before I go home, so I've been living on pasta and pesto and...ok...ben and jerrys.
Not good.
At my meeting I won the raffle and got £7 to use in the shop which went towards buying the filling foods cookbook. I've planned it out so I'm trying a new recipe every night for dinner. Last night I tried the sausage and potato hotpot with quorn sausages for 4 points which wasn't bad at all and was definitely very filling. The recipe calls for using 150 ml of cider though- and once that bottle was open there was no going back... Ended up drinking the rest of the pint which tipped me over the edge of my points for the day.
Also made the chocolate brownies which weren't actually very nice, very flat, very gooey, bit of a mess.
Hopefully tonights recipes will go better!