Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I'm on a roll!

Put you off your food yet?
Another good week and I've no IDEA how I've done it, felt like i've been eating rubbish...
but now:

ARMS:15 Inches
BUST:40 Inches
WAIST:35.5 Inches
HIPS:47 Inches
THIGHS:28 Inches

So I've lost 3 guinea pigs(please don;t call the RSPCA on me!)
or the weight on the average human brain!
And I now weigh as much as a Vespa Scooter and a human brain...
or 4 bales of hay and 3 guinea pigs
or a cinder block a newborn calf and the worlds largest ball of tape...
I could go on.


  1. I think I'll bookmark this post so I can look at the picture when I feel a chocolate craving coming on, or indeed any kind of craving at all!

    Well done btw!

  2. its pretty gross isn't it :p
    and thank you!