Saturday, 31 July 2010

WW Site Revamp

The Weight Watchers site has been revamped(in the UK at least, dont know about you guys and gals across the pond) and for the most part I LOVE IT.

Now we can make official challenges for everyone and anyone to join in on which is right up my street. I made my "Just One Week" mission into a proper challenge:

Just One Week

And I've also christened myself "The Instant Mini-challenge fairy" - I posted a couple of instant challenges on all the message boards, such as "if you've read this DO 10 STAR JUMPS!' and enjoyed it so much I've made it into a daily challenge feature.

Your Daily Mini-Challenge!

I'm updating this with a new challenge every day, that can be done in roughly a minute or less! The first was do do 10-20 star jumps, the second to spend a minute thinking about how you will look at goal weight, or how great you look now you've reached goal, and todays challenge is to go drink a big glass of water!
I'm finding setting these challenges really helpful as
A) I feel accountable to all my challengees! I can't expect them to live up to the challenges if I don't do it myself!
B) it's keeping me creative, it's only been 3 days so far but I know having to come up with new challenges will help keep me out of ruts and boredom, and hopefully I can pull others out with me!
C) It's keeping me focussed, knowing I have to go and post a new challenge everyday, and that (as of right now) 29 people will be checking up on me - I've got to be there! I can't let them down! And with not letting them down comes not letting myself down.

Another new feature is that you can start blogs on the WW site now. I've ummed and ahed over whether to transfer over there, or whether to post the same blog on here and on there, but that seems silly, and I like my community on here! The limitations of the WW site is that it's just for the UK as far as I'm aware, and I don't want to lose my favourite overseas buddies! So for now at least, I'm challenging on there, but blogging right here.

But if you ARE in the UK.....come join my challenges!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Just One Week Of Fruit

So today is the last day of my first "Just One Week". I decided to snack only on fruit and veg...

and I pretty much succeeded in that!

Fruit is yummy. I need to keep reminding myself of that fact.

This week hasn't been perfect WW-wise. There was surprise indian takeaway the other night, and less surprising thai takeaway yesterday(but it was celebrating my aunt,dad,brother and friends birthday all in one night so I'm counting that as a bit of a win in terms of keeping on track rather than battling four separate parties!) with quite a bit of cakey stuff to follow...

There was also a freaking DELCIOUS burrito in leeds. Omnomnom.

But there was also lots of walking and goodness.

And fruit.
Quite a lot of that.
So I don;t really know what the scales will say tomorrow.

I DO know now that snacking on fruit is actually really useful for me. Even when I get the low fat crisps and cereal bars and stuff they have a tendency to trigger huge binges for me, which I suffered far less from with the fruit.

I'm going to try and keep this up.

NEXT weeks Just One Week will officially start tomorrow morning not today, but it will be to actually STICK TO MY MENU PLAN!
I spend ages making meal plans every week and hardly ever stick to them for very long.
For one week I am determined I can do this. I've written out my plan, bought everything it requires and I've pre-tracked it all on my e-source.

There are a couple of obstacles to this, but I will deal with them the best I shall.
Firstly My bestest everest friendest gets back from travelling today and will be in Yorkshire land for a couple of days before she has to go back londonwards. So obviously I shall be going to see her this week. This will inevitably involve a sleepover with much drinking and madness. But I have vodka and diet coke to bring along so hopefully I won't go too overboard. I've also saved at least a point most days on the plan so I have a bit of a buffer for this. Also, she's vegan and most of her foodstuff is super-healthy. Noone ever got obese from too many lentils. Probably. It'll be fine. But I'm not sure yet how much time I shall get her for, so I'll just try to keep on track while at hers rather than trying to pre-pack all my meals and take them round and look like a diet-nazi. That won't do.

The other very probable obstacle is that I live in a house with a mum and a dad and a brother. And they will probably end up eating my carefully planned food sooner or later. In the event where I am supposed to have a bagel with phili extra light and quorn ham, and someone gone and eaten my bagels I will A) Roar at them till they apologise, and B) substitute the stated bagel for bread or similar foodstuffs.

But as much as possible,






Thursday, 22 July 2010

Snackish Noms

My new obsession.

200g strawberries, chopped up (1pt)

Thats several more strawberries than this.

Juice from half a lime (0pts)


2tsp Half Spoon sugar (0.5pts)

Diet Crack

My new favourite food....


I'm getting into this fruit as snacks malarkey.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Just One Week

We had a temporary leader for our meeting last week, who suggested we think of one thing we can try and do for just one week. Just to see if we can. This could be addressing a bad habit, or trying to pick up a good habit. it could be increasing excercise or decreasing food. It could be swapping something bad for something good. it could be anything at all, as long as it would help you on your weight loss journey. All you had to do was commit to doing that thing for one week. Not for a month or a year, or forever, a week. 7 days. How hard can that be?
Various commitments were made to keeping within points, tracking everything, working out everyday, eating more fruit and veg, etc. I chose to drink 2L water every day(I managed 5 out of 7 days which im counting as a bit of a victory for me).

Anyway I thought that would be a nice little challenge type thing to do on here.
So come on, one weeks commitment to something-what will it be? Try something new? or get back into the groove with an old habit thats fallen by the wayside?

Post what youre going to do on here so we can all get inspiration from it!

For this week I am committing myself to snacking solely on fruit and veg. I've been very snacky this last week and havent been able to stay away from bread and butter and biscuits. I'm expecting quite the gain at WI tonight.

So when I went to do my weekly shop today I bypassed the crisps and cereal bars- all the carby things which I can get a hit of for a couple of points, but which send the cravings soaring. Instead I got strawberries and apples and peaches and nectarines and plums and pomegranates and bananas and a pineapple. 


Lets see how many just one weeks I can string together...

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Stringing Beads

Actual new plan.
I'm home from holland(finally. 7 and a half weeks takes it out of you...) and back at WW as of tonight.
I haven't been on plan whilst I was away and i reckon i've gained about 7 pounds. But it's ok because I'M BACK ON TRACK IN AN EPIC MANNER.
I am most of the way through writing out a nice meal plan for the week, and me and the mumsicle went shopping for lots of nice healthy low points goodies to keep me on the straight and narrow. (When I got home the fridge was just full of meat and cheese and very little else. No.)
I also have a new motivational plan type thing - slightly nicked of you? I've forgotten who, i'll have a looksie and re-edit this later when I can remember who. Anyhow, they were talking about taking things just one day at a time, no worrying about the big picture, just to keep trying for one good day. She equated these days to stringing pearls and diamonds onto a necklace. My budget wont quite allow for pearls and diamonds but I am going to string a bead onto a ribbon for every good day I have, and take a bead off for every bad day. Every ten beads on I will give myself some kind of a reward -a manicure or a bubble bath or a magazine or something - just some little non-edible treat to keep me in the game. I think this is going to be good. And if I'M good then I'll have a shiny new necklace sometime soon :D

Also I was a bit of a silly and left my weigh-in card thing and points calculator in the uni house. So I'm going to have to get new ones tonight...

Start stringing your bead too! I want to see pictures of you wearing strings of shiny good days! Overuse of exclamation marks! Yay!