Wednesday, 22 September 2010


This weeks WI meeting was a bit strange in many ways. I was expecting a gain this week, and possibly a big one. After last weeks post-WI food binge my eating just snowballed this week. I barely tracked, I didn;t plan, there was a party with excessive amounts of drinking(thanks freshers...) and a consequent day of colossal hangover and the associated munchies. I didn't excercise. I barely left the house. It was a wreck of a week.

But I lost 1.5 pounds.

I'm not complaining as such that I lost weight, any other week that loss would be hugely celebrated. But I know I didn't earn it, and habit-wise this week has been dreadful. So the weights tracked but I'm going to put that week and its anomaly firmly behind me. If I let myself think that acting like that will result in healthy weight loss then I'm doomed to...well...doom.

The topic tonight was dealing with food shopping. I know when I make my meal plans I'm pretty good about this, and stick to shopping lists as best I can. Still, it's always good to get a reminder.
One thing Angela (temp. leader, though soon to become my new leader as I switch meetings to a different night- stupid uni timetable...) said that really clicked in my head was "Even if that food seems like a really good bargain, and that you're going to save all this money on it, don't forget that if you have it in the house, sooner or later it's going to get eaten. And when it does you're going to be spending all that money you saved on these meetings."

As a student on a student budget going to Weight Watchers meetings is quite a big financial commitment, and I know that when I've got my degree my planned career is highly unlikely to provide a steady income, and so I really need to do the best I can to get to goal and lifetime or close to that point by the time I graduate. I know I'm going to need to keep going to meetings to keep myself on track and that's just not likely to happen if I have to spend much more time paying for them!

Anyhow, I have to be up early tomorrow because my classes are starting and I GET TO SEE EVERYONE AGAIN!

So it's bedtime for me.

P.s. I got a hamster.
p.p.s. she's a russian dwarf hamster.
p.p.p.s. her name is Princess Anastacia Karenina.
p.p.p.p.s. She has the tiniest nose ever.

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  1. Congrats on the loss! Just take the surprise loss and run with it. :-) You know that you didn't have an OP week, but you still got a loss, so get back OP and hope for another amazing loss next week.

    I miss having a hamster. Mine died two years ago and I still haven't gotten a new one. :-( Enjoy your time together, hamsters are very special little guys.