Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Accidental shopping spree...

I'm feeling a bit guilty about just spending way more money that I should have done today. So much so that I'm seriously beginning to think about joining The Great American Apparel Diet, which is actually nothing to do with food and everything to do with not buying any clothes for a year.

But let me just say...

TKMaxx.... L.K. Bennet purple wraparound dress....down from £175...to THIRTYTHREE POUNDS. And it's so beautiful : )

And because it's wraparound it fits nicely, even in a size 12. But it will fit much more nicely once I lose some more weight. 

So in order to alleviate my guilt somewhat it's going to be my reward forgetting down to 13 stone and breaking my massive and ridiculous weight loss plateau.

If anything can break it, this dress can.



  1. ohhh its lovely and a bargain, think of what you saved rather than what you 'could' have spent.