Sunday, 12 September 2010

Online Journalling - Day 4

September 11 Food and Exercise Journal: MOVING DAY!
time- food/exercise (points)
8:00 am- bran flakes (about 3? scales are packed) strawberries (0.5) milk (0.5) water (0)

11:00am- wholemeal bread (3) low fat cheese (2.5?) Onion Chutney (0.5) Water (0)
3:00 pm- Vegetable Couscous (5) Water (0)
6:00 pm- Skinny Cow choc-caramel ice lolly thing (1.5)
8:00pm- Macaroni Cheese (6) Leek, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms (0)

Points Summary:
Daily used: 22.5/21

AP earned:2
AP used: 1.5/2

Points Saved: 0.5
Saved Points Used:0

GHG Summary:
Fruits/Vegetables- CHECK!
Healthy Oils-NOPE
Dairy- CHECK!
Lean Proteins- NOPE
Vitamins- CHECK!
Whole Grains- CHECK!

Pedometer-10618 steps

Lessons learned:

I don't like not having my scales to measure things. Skinny cow choc lolly things are great because it's not unlike having a chocolate bar, but I would find it much harder to eat 5 ice lollies in a row that 5 chocolate bars, so it's a bit less likely to trigger binges for me.

September 11 Food & Exercise Plan:
Breakfast- oats (3) fruit (0.5) yogurt (0.5)
Lunch- soup (4) bread (1.5) light olive spread (0.5)
Dinner-quorn nuggets (5) veg (0) potatoes (2) ketchup/pickle/something (0.5)

Snacks- peaches (0.5) skinny cow lollies (1.5)

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