Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Online Journalling - Day 7

 Today started off really well, then went kind of rapidly downhill....

September 14 Food and Exercise Journal:
time- food/exercise (points)
8:30am- oats (2.5) flat peach (0.5) 50g raspberries (0) low fat vanilla yogurt (0.5) 500ml Skim Milk (2)

9:00am- walk to gym and back + cross trainer, excercise bike, rowing machine and weights.
12:15pm- dolly mixtures (1.5) bruiser chew bar (1.5)
12:40pm- 3 bean soup (3.5) bread (1.5) phili (0.5) quorn 'beef' slices (0.5) mustard (0)
5:00pm- walk to WW meeting. WI= lost half a pound. 
7:00pm- star walking back, tights keep riding down making walking REALLY uncomfortable. Decide to get the bus back. Need bus fare so go to cash point, need to break a twenty for bus fare so go into the shop, super hungry so end up buying and eating: cheese and onion pasty (about 9.5) shrimp and banana sweets (5.5) chocolate raisins (10.5) diet coke ( HA! 0)

Points Summary:
Daily used: 40/21
AP earned:8
AP used:8

Points Saved:-11
Saved Points Used:0
edit! fvuckit   viodjka party!
GHG Summary:
Fruits/Vegetables- NOPE
Healthy Oils-NOPE
Dairy- CHECK

Lean Proteins- CHECK!

Whole Grains- CHECK!
Pedometer- 19278

Lessons learned:

Always wear tights that fit properly! And bring some kind of snack to eat after W.I. because I'm always hungry by that point and I can't keep doing these bus stop binges.

So this is my week of blog-tracking up, and i'm annoyed it's ended on such a low note, though I'm pleased that I've at least been honest about it. I think that's making a good step forward to breaking my secret-eating habits.
Here's to a much much healthier tomorrow!

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  1. Great job completing an entire week of journal sharing! I only did 5 days, but that's because I don't have a computer at home so on the weekends I'm internet-free. :-)

    Don't beat yourself up over one day going over. WW is designed to allow for days like this! That's what the 35 WPA and all earned AP are for. You are doing great!