Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Back in the game!!!!!!

I've been majorly off track these last few weeks, dealing with holiday in France enough so I could manage a tiny loss, and then a week of 'holiday mode thinking' which resulted in dreadful binge eating. I topped it all off with my week at towersey where I put on 2lb and was thoroughly miserable about it(though in hindsight it was right before TOTM so I was likely to be bloated and hormonal anyway).
Still, that was the kick I needed to get me back on track. I went and looked at my trackers from the first couple of weeks of WW and compared them to more recent ones, and did my best to follow them in habit. This meant:
a)way more fruit and veg, and filling food in general
b) more protein than carbs, i've been getting rather too reliant on sandwiches of late- NOT a good habit to get back into before uni starts.
c) less packaged snacky foods, not completely cut out, but being treated as treats as opposed to meal substitutes
d)cutting WAY way back on the diet coke.
And i stuck to it.
Excercise didnt really happen, but i got a damn good workout moving house, steep stairs and heavy boxes really take it out of you!

And I'm ecstatic to say it paid off, I'm well and truly back on track, with excellent results.
This week I weighed in at 14st2lb.
That's 6.5lbs off in ONE WEEK! Which the online tracker thing told me off for but I dont care!
It also took me to my 3rd silver 7!
and most excitingly
MY 10%!!!!

Which means so far I've lost 22lbs! That's the weight of 200 golf balls! or 22 guinea pigs!
Or a car tyre and a rack of babyback ribs!
or 2 housecats!
I'm really happy :D
Bought myself a couple of little treats on amazon as a reward for getting back on track and an incentive to keep going- including the cardio for indie rockers dvd which I'm excited about, though I suspect it's gonna be pretty intense!
I can't find a measuring tape at the moment so I'll post measurements tomorrow.

And if ever I moan about falling off track and not knowing how to, or if I can, pull myself back again, please direct me to this post!


  1. 22lbs is a lot of weight! 200 golf balls!! I'm glad you got rid of 200 golf balls so far and ready for more. Your current picture and before is totally awesome. You will inspire lots of people and you I'm looking forward to see your progress. I recently have started a small activity called Project 31. Project 31 is my way of showing support for people who are trying to make a better change in their life. You can take a look in my blog and consider participating. Good luck!

  2. Well done for getting your 10%. That was a fantastic way to get back in the game!
    I need to follow your example and get back to my early trackers too, I think.