Thursday, 10 September 2009

Back To School Report!

I was thinking about a meeting we had a week or so ago- we went through various subjects and how we could relate them to WW- p.e. for excercise, food tech for cooking, maths for points, english for tracking etc. and i was thinking we really ought to have school report type things for it to see how well we're doing in different'subjects' and how we can improve.
So heres a little game/excercise for everyone.
Fill in your own-give yourself a grade from A to F,and how you think you could improve over this next term...if it works i reckon we should do it every term!
Blog your's and please link me to them, I'd love to see how they work for you :D
Here's mine...


P.E.(are you getting 30mins excercise everyday?)
Plan:must try harder! will swim every other day at uni in addition to swing dance,walking and cycling.

English Lit:(Are you tracking everything?writing down everything you eat?)
Plan:keep it up, make sure little nibbles are tracked as well as excercise

English Language:(are you using positive can-do language to motivate yourself?)
Plan:very positive already, but mustn't let minor setbacks get me down

Maths:(are you using up the right number of points per day?)
Plan:tendency to binge and then cut back points. need to gain more excercise points so i can use these to offset my misdemeanours rather than starving myself for the rest of the week.

Science:(are you eating a balanced range from all the food groups?)
Plan: generally good, though tendency to rely of pre-packaged snacks and carbs if they're around. need to increase water consumption.

Food Tech:(are you experimenting with new recipes,foods and methods of cooking to ensure variety and enjoyment in your diet?)
Plan:started off well but in a bit of a rut. Will cook at least 1 new recipe a week as well as planning menu's in advance to ensure variety.

History:(Are you aware of your past habits so you can avoid gaining weight in the future? Do you read success stories for inspiration?)
Plan:LOVE the success stories,I'm very aware of my habits and triggers, I just need to work harder on controlling them.

Art: (do you have before (and after?) photos for your eventual success story?)
Plan:I have my before pics. I'm going to start doing pics every week so i can see gradual changes, and eventually put them together in a magical shrinking slideshow!

R.S.: (do you have faith in your ability to attain your goals?)
Plan:I do have faith! but I need to know that I can get myself back on track when I slip up, even it it's hard.

Textiles:(are you aware of clothes that suit your figure to give maximum positivity and confidence to you on your weight loss journey?)
Plan: I know exactly what suits me, though i need to stop buying clothes that I'm only going to fit for another few weeks!

ICT:(do you make full use of the esource technology? the tracker,the recipes,the stories,the chatrooms...)
Plan: im addicted to esource! on chatrooms all the time! but could use the recipes etc. more.

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