Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mixed Bag

Today's had good elements and bad ones.
The Good- I've come in 7 points under today! so I'm going to have an options cocoa and a weight watchers cookie and save up the rest.
The Bad-Excercise amounted to nothing today. Reading the time travellers Wife in bed- after a week with no matress, no duvet, and a pile of slightly damp jumpers for a pillow I couldn't drag myself out of bed! And then I couldn't find my pedometer.....
Ugh. Better luck tomorrow.

And whilst I'm going down this route...
The Ugly: My skin is SERIOUSLY showing the results of a week of bad eating. Worst spots I've had in years :( Anyone know any magic ways to get rid of them?

Now off to bed before I get tempted to eat any of the cold pasta in the kitchen....


  1. My skin is also hideous at the moment! I'm going to get down to Lush and buy some Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask. It is expensive (£5 for a pot) but you only need to use a thin layer. I use it every day for a week and really notice the difference. It also smells gorgeous!

    If you save up 5 black Lush pots you get a face mask free which helps fund my habit!

  2. ooh thanks for the tip!
    I love lush :D