Saturday, 12 September 2009

Manic Day

 Today has been insanely busy and crazy. Last day at home before I'm off to the creweniverse for uni.
And therefore packing. Which I've STILL not finished(will I ever?). Why do I have so much bloody STUFF?
Anyhow, what with uni and getting sorted and such I'm not going to be on the internet v. much(if at all) for a little while(which means tracking ON PAPER...scary), and thus this is my last blog for a while.
Somehow in amongst the madness  today I've managed to make the apple meringue pie recipe from this months WW magazine. haven't tried any yet but it looks and smells DELICIOUS! I'll post pictures sometime:p
I've also dug out mums old bike(she never uses it) and after it gets checked over and cleaned up and such I'm going to start actually using it. I've not ridden a proper bike in years, just the stationary ones at the gym... Quite a challenge but I'm excited by it. Hopefully the weather will be kind for a while til I get used to it again.
So for the forseeable future I bid you farewell!
Wish me luck in staying on track back at uni!!!!!

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