Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Freshers Frenzy

I'm back in the creweniverse once more!
I've been back for about a week and a half now and WW-wise it's not been smooth sailing.
I've been binging massively- buying too many snack foods and chocolate and eating them all rather than stickng to my meal plan. And the drinking...oohhhhh the drinking. Back home I'm not a heavy drinker at all, I can literally count the drinks I had over the summer, but back at uni it's a different matter entirely. Yes iI started on teh vodka and coke, but then I was offered wine, and then MORE vodka, and then I went and ate stupid amounts of junk. And then L went and made fairy cakes and iced me one with my name on it...and I couldn't NOT eat it. Then there was the beginning of freshers weekend, where I drank cider. Notl ight cider. Proper cider. And yet more vodka...and then there was the first BIG big night out with everyone last night. Where there were buy one get one free cocktails....the less said about them the better.
Anyway, yes, need to stop doing that. Chalk it up as a one off and move on.
Still on the upside I was thinking how much worse it could have been. If I hadn;t joined WW I would have been drinking cider and wine all the time, and binging on chinese and chips instead of just large amounts of low fat snacks. It could be so much worse than this.
My measuring tape hasn't been unpacked yet but my WI results for the last 2 meetings are
last week: -0.5lbs(the massive loss catching up with me)
this week: +0.5lbs, which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. In a strange way I wish I'd gained more so it would set me more of an example of how NOT to eat and drink. Grrr.
Nonetheless I've gotten my ass kicked back into gear by GIANT NSVs. Seeing everyone again after 3 months was wonderfful- last time I'd seen most of them I was 22lbs heavier- and they noticed! And spent all night telling me how gorgeous and healthy and happy I looked!!!!!!!
And naturally they asked how I've done it and I told them Weight Watchers...so they'll all be sneakily keeping an eye on me from now on- even if they don't let on! I know what they're like...
The support just continued marvelously when my housemate S moved in, and one of the first things she said was how much weight she'd gained this summer and that she wanted to join WW with me! So I get a live-in buddy!
L is being horribly painfully unsupportive however. She keeps making snide comments about WW and trying to persuade me to eat junk food and make cakes and things. When someone asked her "Don;t you think Florrie looks so great now" in response to how much I've lost so far she just gave a really nasty disbeliving look.
And L is otherswise my best friend, I love her to bits and she's wonderful about all sorts of other issues so I don;t know why she's acting so bitter about this. If it carries on I'm going to have serious words with her-something I'm VERY bad at doing.

I'm determined to get fully back on track this week and have something resembling a plan.
Today I bought the WW delicious cookbook- which has some gorgeous looking veggie recipes-a lot of which I can batch cook and then keep portions in the freezer for busy nights, so when I get home(no internet in the house yet- I'm sat in the library)I'm going to plan out the weeks meals in full, including some recipes from the book.
I'm also going to try and get down to the market tomorrow morning and buy a load of vegetables cheaply which I'm then going to make a MASSIVE match of 0-points soup for if I'm feeling at all bingey. I bought a set of 10 little round tupperware box things which are microwaveable and perfect sizes for soup, so they'll get frozen in those.
I also got myself an awesome portable salad container thing with a section in the lid for dressing(I'm thinking houmous or cottage cheese maybe) so I'll be having salad lunches lots and lots when I'm on campus. OMNOMNOM!

One final note- I bought a gorgeous dress today...In a size 14!

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