Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Semi-Move

I was too tired to post about it yesterday, and do you know what? It was PHYSICALLY tired as opposed to sleepily/mentally tired. I think that's a state I need to feel more often.
My friend whose ground floor room we've been storing all our stuff in over the summer is planning on moving into the new house before I do. My other housemates( I shall call my flatmates D,L and S for slightly less confusion and slightly more anonymity than their names- they will feature plentifully over the next year or so I'm guessing). were saying they'd move my stuff up to my room so she could have her room back...but that made me feel guilty( I have a LOT of stuff and the stairs are insanely steep), and also a weird niggling bit of my brain was saying" no way you're going to do my excercise that doesnt really feel like excercise and needs to be done so I wont mind doing it, when I could do it instead".So I hotfooted it on over to the creweniverse and did some major lifting. So....Many....Boxes....
Knackering. But good workout :D
Whilst I was there I got a preview of the food-ness I will be living with however and it went like this...
(Watching telly)- cheese sandwiches are being eaten, I resist.
(L&D get back from the shops) L: who wants chocolate gateaux
Me: No thank you......well, I do WANT it...but I'm not going to have it...
L:why not?*looks puzzled*
Me *mumbling* weight watchers....
*L looks sceptical*
(not too long before I leave) D: are you staying for tea?
F:errm I might, what time are you having it?
*no actual answer given*
D: I was thinking of making pasta and pesto with some kind of garlic bread thing going on
Me: oh look at that It's time for my train....
This year is going to require planning of epic proportions and HUMOUNGOUS self-control.
wish me luck :s


  1. Oh my goodness, I see what you mean about the need for planning and self control! It’s so hard to be around people that are constantly eating the things we’re trying desperately to avoid. I wish you good luck and plenty of will power! :-D


  2. i'm gonna plan my first 2 weeks menu's and shopping list before i actually go, so i've got that motivation from the start. I'm kinda hoping my housemates see how well i'm doing and decide to join me at WW! none of us are exactly skinny-minnies, though they're not as big as me, but it would make life SO much easier!