Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Weight watchers is a losing game...

The plan worked! To some extent, lost 1lb this week taking me down to 13st 7.5lb. Slowly slowly catchy monkey....

Very rough start to the week- suspect I'm going to have another video-nightmare in tomorrows class which wont be fun. Might just 'forget' to wear my glasses so all I see is a blur. A not particularly attractive blur...
But I did a bit better with tracking and I upped my excercise considerably so I clearly managed to make up for the emotion-binge-of-doom.
Similar plan this week:
1. TRACK. Bringing paper tracker with me to uni, but going to do my best to stick to meal plans so its easier to manage. If I track everything everyday I'm rewarding myself with BIG SHINY BRACELET OF JOY! watch these wrists...

2. MEAL PLANS. Make it. and actually STICK to it this week.

3. EXCERCISE. WILL try body combat. Going to wear my pedometer as often as possible.

4. VEGETABLES. Eat them.

Here goes everything....


  1. i need to eat more veg and salads but well done on the 1lb weight loss thats brill!!!


  2. think i might go roast some squash...extra veggies ftw :D
    and thanks!

  3. What is body combat? Sounds interesting. I give up on trying the pedometer thing....

    I enjoy reading your blog. Please stop by mine and let me know what you think.

  4. ughhh didnt make it to body combat AGAIN this week...
    from what I've heard its like an aerobics class made up of stuff like kickboxing, martial arts and tae bo.
    Im great with my pedometer, unless im wearing a skirt..or a dress...which is most days!
    glad you like reading my blog, i'll go look at yours!

  5. Here goes everything is right. Follow that plan and you've got nowhere to go but down.

  6. down is exactly where I want to be going!