Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Renewed Vigour

is what I need a healthy dose of.
Hopefully I've just got it.
I stayed the same this week, making me still 13st 8.5lb.
I've been losing very small amounts for a few weeks now, which has been frustrating in more ways than one.
Firstly, it's obviously annoying not to be getting bigger losses than this (1.5lb off in 3 weeks is a bit dismal).
Secondly, and more importantly, I've really needed a kick up the bum, and haven't gotten it til now.
I've barely been tracking for weeks, and I used to be excellent at it. I've been eating way over points on rubbish food daily. But I was still, to a small extent, losing weight. So I carried on.
It's clearly beginning to catch up with me and it's time to CHANGE.

So here's my line

and here's my plan.

1. TRACK. I'm going to make sure I have a paper tracker with me at all times. This will get uploaded onto the computer at night for ease of referral to later, but I need some way of tracking while I'm in uni.

2. MEAL PLANS. Haven't made one for ages. Needs to be done. Going to make one tonight.

3. EXCERCISE. Gym tomorrow morning. Going to try body combat on friday(which might well slay me- watch this space for detailed descriptions of my sweaty death). No more buses- I cant afford them. STOP USING THE BLOODY LIFT AT UNI!

4. VEGETABLES. Eat them.

That should do the trick.


  1. Keep motivated. Those little losses add up.

    I lost slow. Sometimes it was frustrating, really frustrating. But I kept at it and all the weight came off.

    You've got a good plan there. :)

  2. its when the little losses get cancelled out by one weeks gain that it gets really disheartening...
    fingers crossed that doesnt happen again anytime soon!
    and thanks :)