Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Just keep tracking, Just keep tracking...

So far so good.
Got up early and went to the gym with L&L-my gym buddies. I feel SO much better for it! In the time I'd normally have slept in I have earned myself 7 activity points AND feel really rejuvenated and good. Annoyingly I've lost my gym membership card though so I need to do some MAJOR searching or I'll have to pay a tenner for a new one :(
Nice healthy breakfast, all tracked perfectly. So so far my weekly goals are going as follows:

"1. TRACK. I'm going to make sure I have a paper tracker with me at all times. This will get uploaded onto the computer at night for ease of referral to later, but I need some way of tracking while I'm in uni." I have my paper tracker in my bag for if I snack at uni, but so far today I've tracked everything online Including my excercise!

"2. MEAL PLANS. Haven't made one for ages. Needs to be done. Going to make one tonight."

Done and DONE! made one for the week last night which a)requires no shopping at all this week and b)which has been followed so far to the letter. Apart from a chocolate crepe- but that was pointed(2.5points SO nice), and just exchanged with some of the other snacks on my plan. I am IN CONTROL.

"3. EXCERCISE. Gym tomorrow morning. Going to try body combat on friday(which might well slay me- watch this space for detailed descriptions of my sweaty death). No more buses- I cant afford them. STOP USING THE BLOODY LIFT AT UNI!
" Gymed it this morning, as described, and we're planning to go again tomorrow morning. So far so good.

"4. VEGETABLES. Eat them."
Not had any yet today(what vegetable goes with blueberry cinnamon cereal?!) but having a big salad with my lunch and did have some fruit with breakfast. Clementines are GORGEOUS right now!


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