Monday, 9 November 2009

Sorry I've not been around much lately- My course is VERY time consuming which makes things kinda tricksy. So here's the official catch-up post!
Current Weight:13st 9lb
And heres how I got on pledgewise:

October Pledges
1: Make a meal plan every week, and base shopping lists around it.- I wasn't too bad at this at the start of the month, and actually stuck to the plans for a while but it's all tailed off recently.
2:Try at least one new recipe per week.-Not happened yet. must try harder! I will learn how to make risotto.
3:Go to at least one excercise class a week.-Now quite one a week- but I HAVE been to spinning more than once, and I've been alright at getting down to the gym.
4:Keep losing weight at a steady rate of 1.5-2lbs a week-mainly small gains or 1lb losses.
5:Set regular times to go to the gym and stick to them.-ughhh nope.
6:WATER! DRINK IT!-epic fail. Just got addicted to 7 up free.
7:Halloween does NOT have to mean sugar.-actually pretty good on this count. It just happened to mean a lot of alcohol instead...
And, rather late, here are some for November...
1:Meal Plans. Make them. Follow them.
2: TRACK EVERY DAY!!!! Even the binges. I need to keep doing it!
3:Learn to make risotto.And keep trying new recipes.
4:Make time for the gym- it IS a priority.
6:Make packed lunches rather than buying sandwiches at uni.

I really need to be back on track- I have been decidedly stupid of late and I really need a reminder of why I'm doing this.
-I may have lost over 2 stone so far but i am STILL massively overweight- theres a long way to go still and I need to remember that!
- I'm going down to Brighton for Christmas and I want to do some decent shopping in the lanes!!!!!

Must. Try. Harder.

On a completely unrelated sidenote, a couple of drops of rosewater tastes amazing with porridge.
rosewater on porridge

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