Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Question of Identity

Light is bouncing off of some molecules onto your retinas.
You are looking at a collection of molecules, nothing more.
You've never seen them before.
Previous molecules may have closely resembled them, but these are the only ones which exist.
They didn't exist in this format 20 years ago, or yesterday, or at breakfast.
Nor will they exist in an hours time, or on Saturday, or in 76 years from now.
Oxygen is being drawn in and throughout these molecules, and processed into Carbon Dioxide, which is expelled.
These elements are only a part of the molecules you look at for a few seconds.
This "body" has varied in length and height. It has varied between 15 stone in weight.
Right now it is 2 stone lighter than it was 4 months ago.
These trousers don't fit anymore.
That extra body has been converted into kinetic energy and carbon dioxide and is now circulating the earth on it's own. It does not belong to these molecules anymore.
Due to the existence of synapses and neurotransmitters these molecules have made choices which when combined can be called a personality- though this is in no way personal- it is merely the product of genetics and societal interaction.
At any point over a 20 year span you may have called these molecules a
straight lesbian bisexual
middle class
left wing
atheist agnostic humanist buddhist wiccan pagan
actress ballerina archaeologist astronaut undergraduate
geek goth mosher hippie
baby child teenager young adult
short sighted asthmatic
claustrophobic agoraphobic arachnophobic acarophobic sociophobic
omnivore pescatarian vegetarian
blonde haired red haired pink haired purple haired green haired
short tall
shy outgoing
hopeful romantic broken hearted cynic
ticklish non-ticklish
Call me what you will.

For one of my classes I had to create a 3 minute solo performance about what makes me 'me'.
Since I don't really believe in a 'self' this is what I came up with. I found my weight loss to be a very interesting part of the equation. Not just mentally, but physically I am two stone less of a person... 

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  1. I like it. The Universe is in constant flux. I like the way you draw those parallels.