Wednesday, 28 October 2009

2 Stone Off!

Lost 2.5lb this week, god knows how, maybe the spinning is finally kicking in.
Anyhow now I'm down to 13st 10lb. Exactly 2 stone off :)
Talking of spinning, 2nd time proved a little more manageable.
I think the music was slightly slower which made things easier, or it might just be the knowledge that I've gotten through one class alive, so I'll be able to survive another one. The music was better this time too, I managed a nice little Bon Jovi singalong whilst pedalling my legs off.
More of the power ballads please!


  1. Yay well done with the weight loss and on the spinning. Ive heard so much about this spinning, but never tried it. Must give it a go x

  2. ** ...and Eye-ee-eye-ee-eye will always love yoooo-oo-oo-oo-oo **

    Not quite what you meant, huh? lol

    Congratulations on the 2 stone loss!

  3. tina: be warned. the first time you go you WILL think youre dying, and you'll ache in unmentionable places due to ridiculously uncomfortale seats, but afterwards youll feel amazing :D

    Jaframity:i've always got room for a bit of whitney in my life! Im sure i could work out to that song if i went in quadruple time or something. im off to the gym very shortly so i'll test it out!!
    and thanks :)

  4. Just wanted to say well done! I had to do the huge starvation (aka diet) and I totally sympathise, it is damn hard work!! I still find it unfair that I can't take anymore luggage on the plane even though technically I am 4st lighter! I thought I was going to die the first time I did a circuit training class OMG! That instructor was evil! Anyway keep going, it is worth it in the end x

  5. thanks pearl :D
    i want extra luggage! never enough....