Thursday, 11 February 2010

Accountability Week - Day 4

Another Lie-in. Another Brunchy day. I'll try to make this one less snacky.

Special K Creamy Berry Crunch (3)
Skimmed Milk (0.5)
Banana (1.5)
Macaroni Cheese [I was craving it something rotten] (1.5)
Mini Pitta Bread (1)

7.5/21 so far.

Went into town to get mum a birthday present and ended up eating
27g Port Salut Cheese (2)
Pear and Almond Tart (9.5)
Chocolate Egg (1)


So thats 20/21 for now...

I was hungry and knew I'd gotten points on my pedometer so for tea I had

2 Mini Pitta Breads (2)
Vegetarian Brussels Pate (1.5) -YUM!
Rocket (0)
Cereal Bar (1.5)

This takes me to 25/21 Points
Pedometer: 17510 steps (5)

Equals 25/26 Points.


Damn my housemate making pasta and filling the house with hunger inducing cheesy smells.

Just ate (devoured)
veggie crisps (1.5)

so 26.5/26


  1. You're doing really well. Tracking is vital for me, though your tracker is shaming mine with all your salady vegetably goodness!

    Keep us the good work, your readers are cheering you on :)

  2. *enjoys being cheered on*!
    I do love my salady vegetably goodness :D
    Trackings really vital for me as well, it's when I stop tracking that I stop losing...message being...keep tracking!

  3. Good job! Veggie pate is awesome.

  4. Veggie Pate is loooovely :D
    and I also found veggie chorizo today which i'm excited about! will make something with it tomorrow possibly. gnocci maybe. or i'll put it in a salad.