Monday, 8 February 2010

Accountability Week - Day 1

I've strapped my pedometer on tight. I'm feeling a definite sense of renewed vigour.
Here goes everything!

Shape Fat Free Blueberry Yoghurt (1)
Chopped Walnuts (2)
Elderflower Cordial (0.5)
Water (0)

Lunch: (Packed because I'm in lectures from 1-5)
Cherry Tomatoes (0)
Red Pepper (0)
Celery (0)
Salad Leaves (0)
Lime Juice (0)
Tabasco (0)
Black Olives (1)
Sweetcorn (0.5)
Chopped Walnuts (1.5)
Black Eyed Beans (3)
Olive Oil (2.5)

wow that salad was yummy...

2 Quorn Fillets (1.5)
Jerk sauce (0.5)
4 Stuffing balls (4)
Cherry Tomatoes (0)
Yellow pepper (0)

Anytime Snacks:
Black Coffee (0)
2 Skittles [very silly amount!] (0)
Vegetable Crisps (2)

22/21 points eaten.

Spinning (7)
walking- I accidentally reset my pedometer but it had got to 0.5 points by then and I've walked quite a bit more since so I'll take a conservative estimate at (1)

Which means overall today Ive had
22/28 points.
And I'm saving the rest.
I'll be going home this weekend for my mums birthday so I suspect I'll need the buffer!
And also...
Very proud of myself. My lecturer brought in valentines chocolates to share around the class and I just passed them straight on :D Yay for self-discipline!

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