Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Accountability Week - Day 2

 I feel like this accountability project is really making a difference in my habits already. I went and did a big food shop last night (after spinning = the time they've just reduced all the veg and stuff! shall do that more often) and I found myself thinking things like
-If I buy the multipack of fudge bars, I'll end up eating them all in one go, and then I'll have to write about it.
-This blog will be really boring if I just eat the same foods constantly. Lets see what's new and exciting to get- Hence vegetable crisps, mini pitta breads, and a massive variety of veggies!
It's definately making me think twice.
I also got myself a little reward for if I complete this week honestly - a VERY cute little red plastic beaded necklace with a bow on it...
Even If I dont come out of this week with a perfectly balanced within points tracker, as long as I have actually tracked everything I can have it.

I didn't get off to the best of starts today. I slept in very late so didn't have time to eat a proper breakfast, and forgot to bring any lunch so I've just been picking at bits and pieces whenever I've had a break from lectures and monitoring the Soldier's Song project, and not making the best choices.

Breakfast(Kind of -I've just grouped together the morning snacks)
2 Small Bananas (2)
Apple (0.5)
2 Cereal Bars (3)
Vegetable Crisps (4)
Water (0)

Lunch (Grabbed in the canteen- points approximated)
Baguette (4.5)
Cheese (4.5)
Salad (0)
Dr Pepper Zero (0)

So far thats 18.5/21
And my pedometer is up to 1 point so far.
I'm walking to WI tonight to get the points up a bit more, and will be dipping into my saved points to have some tea when I get back.


I lost 2lb at WI tonight! YAY! somethings going right :D

I ended up getting the bus there because i was running late, but it drove straight past me afterwards and I ended up walking back. clearly the WW karma gods paying me back for not being punctual!
at the meeting they had various samples of bars and cakes that someone had made out of one of the cookbooks and I had some, and then was starving on teh way back so ended up buying a snack which means my points are now
Evening :
Cake sample (1)
Chocolate sample (1)
2 Mini Babybel light (2)
Tesco 'low fat(yeah right)' hazelnut yoghurt (3) (3! for a low fat yoghurt! thatll teach me to go out without my points caluculaor again!)

Pedometer is up to 16439 steps which gives me an additional 4.5 points so today is
wow that worked out nicely :p

and im going to go have some 0 points veggies cos im still not full.

*edit again*
ughhh screwed up.
Had a moment of insanity and ate
2 cereal bars (3)
tons of bloody chocolate (7.5)

cant keep it in the house.

so today basically adds up to:
36/26 points (i got another 0.5 on the pedometer)
And today being WI day its the start of a new track week so i dont have the spin class points to make up for it.


  1. I definitely find the 'accountability' of having a weight loss blog helps keep me motivated! Keep up the good work. :o)

  2. I find it helps me maintain. I feel compelled to be honest on the blog and I don't want to write about being 'off' too much. It is an extra incentive. :) Sounds like you made some great plans for getting your mojo on.