Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Accountability Week - Day 3

Feeling guilty about last nights binge. TOTM and having chocolate in the house is a very bad combination.  Need to do some excercise to account for that one. Not going to get a lift to and from uni today, shall walk it instead. And I'm doing physical theatre rehearsals for 3 hours so that ought to earn me some bonus points! If I'm not completely knackered afterwards I'll try and drag myself down the gym, but I'm not sure what today will entail so no promises there.

Slept in rather late today so This first one is more of a brunch deal...

2 Mini Pitta Breads (2.5)
Extra Light Soft Cheese (1)
Quorn Smokey Ham Slices (0.5)
Tabasco (0)
Harvest Chewee Bar (1.5)
Vegetable Crisps (1.5)

Very late, very sleepy.
Curly Kale (0)
Cabbage (0)
Green Beans (0)
Broccoli (0)
Sweetcorn (1)
Olives (1.5)
Houmous (1.5)
Sweet Potato (2.5)

That was all lovely but i've been really snacky all evening so I'm going to have to add...
Cereal Bar x 2 (3)
Fudge Bar (2)
Babybel Light x 3 (3)
WW Berry Kisses Fruities (0.5)

22/21 Daily Points
Pedometer: 13805 Steps (3.5)


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