Saturday, 17 September 2011

B.E.D. Recovery Review 5

My third review session in Step two of the 'Overcoming Binge-Eating' self-help program.

Step 2 is about establishing a regular eating pattern. I cannot trust my instincts and huger signals as they have become too distorted, so I need to create routine that I can trust. 3 planned meals a day plus 2 or three planned snacks.

1. Have I been monitoring?

2.Can I improve my monitoring?
Try to do it nearer the time of eating still.

3. Are any patterns in my eating becoming obvious?

I can't keep snacky food in my room. Out of sight, out of mind. 

4. Am I weighing myself once a week?

Still having trouble resisting this. Had bad weigh in this week, gained 2.5lbs which took me up to 13 stone again. I didn't ever want to have to see that number again and it upset me a lot. This is turn made me anxious about not pointing food as I had said I would do. Instead of pointing i started using myfitnesspal yesterday to count calories. The novelty is making it easier to avoid eating and it hasn't been stressful so far as I have been at home without distraction. I don't know if this will be more stressful this weekend as I have distractions and have to be out of the house for long periods of time.

5. Each day am I planning regular meals and snacks?

there were a couple of days where this didn't happen, but yesterday I planned nearly everything in advance and it did work really well for me. I had my first fully binge-free day in ages. I need to do this more. 

6. Am I trying to restrict my eating to the day's meals and snacks?

There were a couple of very off days but yesterday I did WELL at this!

7.Am I skipping any of the meals and snacks?
Same as above. There was one day in particular where I binged all day and only had one planned meal, but yesterday was much better and Im feeling positive.

8.Are the gaps between my meals and snacks no longer than three to four hours?

On the binge days there were often long gaps between binges and meals because I felt sick and full.

9.Am I eating between my meals and snacks?

Only on the bingey days.

10. Am I getting back on track when things go wrong?

I have been noticeably writing days off as bad 'binge days' or good days. This is the all or nothing thinking that is talked about in the book and I need to address this.

11.Am I adjusting the timing of my meals and snacks to accomodate special situations?

As far as possible yes. 

12. Am I following the advice regarding self-induced vomiting and the misuse of laxatives and diuretics?

Yes. Haven't done it.

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  1. I can understand your perspective. After about a week of bad days, I managed to finally control myself on the day before weigh in only to find my weight escalate to 13st 2lbs. This was about a week ago. I keep trying to fix my habits but until I see that number go down, it's pretty difficult to stick to them. It can be soul-destroying when you see a higher number than expected but we must persevere!!