Saturday, 10 September 2011

B.E.D. Recovery Review 3

My first review session in Step two of the 'Overcoming Binge-Eating' self-help program.

Step 2 is about establishing a regular eating pattern. I cannot trust my instincts and huger signals as they have become too distorted, so I need to create routine that I can trust. 3 planned meals a day plus 2 or three planned snacks.

1. Have I been monitoring?
Largely, though I often forget to track drinks (water).

2.Can I improve my monitoring?
Numbers and quantities of foods may be useful in monitoring my hunger levels.

3. Are any patterns in my eating becoming obvious?

Same as before. Chocolate spread is dangerous.

4. Am I weighing myself once a week?

No. I've been weighing myself both days, and noticed how calm I felt after losing weight. I think this is a dangerous feeling to associate with my weight considering anxiety is a big cause of my binges. My relationship with weighing myself may be worse than I'd thought.

5. Each day am I planning regular meals and snacks?

I'm planning what times to eat, though not the foods themselves. I should maybe start doing this.

6. Am I trying to restrict my eating to the day's meals and snacks?

Yes. Apart from yesterday when I went completely off the rails following the disruption of my planned day, coupled with high anxiety and stress levels about jobhunting, househunting and my financial situation, plus a highly triggering environment for me (babysitting).

7.Am I skipping any of the meals and snacks?
Missed a snack one day as I slept in very late.

8.Are the gaps between my meals and snacks no longer than three to four hours?

Yes. They have often been rather short though as I have been sleeping in then cramming in breakfast, a morning snack and lunch within a few hours of each other. I either need to sort my sleeping patterns out or rethink this.

9.Am I eating between my meals and snacks?

Only yesterday when in 'binge' mode.

10. Am I getting back on track when things go wrong?

After a small chocolate binge yesterday afternoon I got back on track with a healthy tea, but then went off track again in the evening. Today I will try to stay on track.

11.Am I adjusting the timing of my meals and snacks to accomodate special situations?

I have been trying, although the idea of a 6 hour shift, without knowing if I'd get a break, and then a short window of time before babysitting threw me for a loop. This weekend is going to be all over the place so I shall try to plan ahead as best as possible.

12. Am I following the advice regarding self-induced vomiting and the misuse of laxatives and diuretics?

Yes. Haven't done it.

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