Tuesday, 6 September 2011

B.E.D. Recovery Review 2

My second review session in Step one of the 'Overcoming Binge-Eating' self-help program.

1. Have I been monitoring?

2. Can I improve my monitoring?
There's always room for improvement. It's not always easy for me to track when people are around, so I'm not always monitoring as soon as I've eaten, though i have done so as soon as I could. I need to remember to bracket my mealtimes.

3. Any obvious patterns?
Being alone is my biggest binge trigger, my binges almost always happen in total secrecy, and I need to find a way to deal with this. Being around other people increases my anxiety, and anxiety is also a very big trigger for me. This is a cycle I need to break.
Being in or near food shops is triggering for me. I think it will help for me to make and stick to shopping lists, and carry only the amount of money I need for the list with me.
I've found that if I eat slowly and savour my food I am less likely to class it as a binge, even if it is a 'danger' food.
I got unreasonably anxious seeing a pack of opened biscuits in the cupboard at my friends house, they are clearly a big danger food for me and it took a lot of willpower not to binge on them.

4. Are you weighing once a week?
After the sneaky peeks earlier in the week I hid my scales away and have been tempted to weigh (especially today, the day before W.I.) but have managed to resist. Out of sight, slightly more out of mind.

Other notes: My self-esteem and body image has been frighteningly bad this week and I have been crying a lot. I think getting back into excercising might help with this.

Week One
Step one (monitoring)
Binges: 5
Use of Vomiting/ Laxatives/ Diuretics: 1
Good Days (this week, days where I monitored consistently and accurately): 7
Weight: 12st 13.5lbs
Unusual circumstances, events which may effect eating habits: Spent the weekend at my GF's house.

As I have managed to follow step 1 for a week I am now moving onto step 2 of the program.
This involves me tracking as before, whilst also implementing set times of day for meals and snacks.


  1. Great job, Florrie!

    You have some great ideas about how to control your binges. Bringing the exact amount of money needed for items on a list and sticking to the list is something that has helped me! As well as eating slowly. Though I still have not figured out how to eat without distractions (TV...). Supposedly that helps, but I love my TV eating.

    I look forward to seeing how week 2 goes for you! Best of luck.

  2. Eating without distractions feels completely unnatural, but I'm sure I'll get used to it in time! It's not too bad at home where I can eat at the kitchen table, but at uni it was impossible. We didn't have a proper table so all meals were eaten off our laps in front of the tv!
    thanks :D x

  3. Hi hon,

    I really relate to a lot of what you are saying here so I know from first hand experience just how well you are doing confronting this thing head on.

    Am really proud of you, and looking forward to reading more as you progress.