Friday, 12 November 2010

Online Journalling on Pro-Points- Day 2

November 11 Food and Exercise Journal
time- food/exercise (points)

10.15am- Banana (0) Apple (0)

10.45am- Wholemeal Pitta Bread (4) tsp Vegemite (0) Lettuce (0) 60g reduced fat cottage cheese (1) Green Tea (0)

12.00pm- falafel (8) 2tsp olive oil (3) salad veggies (0) grapes (0) Diet Coke (0)

12.30pm-walk to uni + rehearsal = healthy on pedometer

5.00pm- Cadburys miniatures (7)

6.45pm- fry lite (0) noodles (3) stir fry veg (0) chow mein sauce (1)

7.30pm (20g cheddar cheese (2)

8.00pm- grapes (0) passion fruit (0) Greek Yogurt (1) honey (1)

10.00pm- Green Tea (0)
Points Summary
30/30 Daily Pro-Points used
1/49 Weekly Points used (41 remaining)
4 Activity Points earned
0/8 Activity Points used

GHG Summary
fruits/vegetables: CHECK!
Liquids:getting closer
healthy oils: CHECK!
lean protein:need to find out if falafel is protein!
vitamins: nope
activity: CHECK!

Lessons learned:
Involving a trampoline in the current show means I get a good sneaky work out in at uni!

Today's Plan:

breakfast- apple, banana (0) Pitta (4) cottage cheese(1) vegemite (0)
lunch- quorn of some kind? with other stuff? I dunno
dinner- More stir fry maybe?
snacks- Housemates birthday cake (between 5 and 10)
exercise- walk to uni and back

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  1. Isn't falafel made out of beans? If so, then I would definately call it a protein.