Saturday, 13 November 2010

Graze Boxes on Pro-Points

 This is just my old Graze Box post but with values in Pro-points...

I know these divide opinion massively but I think they're an awesome idea.
For those who havent heard of them its basically a box of healthy snacks sent by post for you to graze on throughout the week, such as Fresh and dried fruit, nuts, seeds and crackers. The points values that I've heard of so far range between 2-7 pro-points, and 0 points if you get the boxes with fresh fruit, so obviously some snacks are better than others but you can choose to "bin" anything you don't want sending.

The points values I've managed to find out so far are:
Apple Strudel - 2 pp
Golden Pineapple Rings - 2pp
The Beach - 2pp
The lost army cracker mix - 2 pp
Agadoo - 3pp
Great Fire Dragon - 3 pp
Italian Stallion - 3pp
Korean Chilli rice crackers - 3 pp
Little Figgy Went To Market - 3pp
Love Mix - 3 pp
Olive, rosemary and siciliano pesto focaccia - 3 pp
Organic Whole Apricots 3pp
Paper Tiger - 3pp
Sour Mango Tangtastic - 3pp
Beach Bum - 4pp
Detox - 4pp
Hot Cross Yummy - 4pp
Milkshake Mix - 4pp
Billionaire's Shortbread - 5pp
Green Olives with fresh basil and garlic - 5pp
Honeycomb Flapjack - 5pp
Lightly Toasted Pistachios - 5 pp
Made in America 5pp
Mayan Mocha - 5pp
7 Fruits Flapjack - 6pp
Ancient Forest Nuts - 6pp
Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack - 6pp
Cracked black pepper cashews - 6pp
Fiery Seeds 6pp
Fire Nuts 6pp
Fruit and Nut Case - 6 pp
Honey Nut Almonds - 6pp
Kalamata and Amphissa Olives With Chilli and Garlic - 6 pp
Kalamata Olives with herbs - 6pp
salsa tossed cahsews 6pp
Savoury Roasted Seeds - 6pp
  Sweet and Sour Nuts - 6pp
Americas nut mix - 7pp
Aztec Gold - 7pp
Copacabana - 7 pp
Hickory smoked Almonds & macadamias 7pp
Hickory Smoked Hazels and Cashews - 7pp
Oven Roasted Cashews - 7pps
Sweet As A Nut - 7pp

I'll add to this when I find out more- if you know of any not listed please comment! Forewarned is forearmed as it were...or four-armed, or something. 

Anyhow If anyone wants to try it out (UK only I'm afraid :( ) then go to and put in this code: 635YGP8

If you use this code you'll get your first box free and your second half price (they normally cost £2.99 with free posting). I'll also get a discount off my next box so it works out nicely for everyone : )
I'm not getting paid in any other way for this so I dont consider it advertising- your just helping subsidise a penniless student's dried fruit addiction and getting yourself some yummy healthy treats into the bargain :D


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