Thursday, 11 November 2010

Online Journalling on Pro-Points- Day 1

 Everyone is still working out what the best things to eat are, and the best way to use up all our points are on the new plan! Because of that I thought this might be a good time to do another week of blog-journalling so you could see how I'm transitioning to pro-points, which if you haven;t read my last post already, I LOVE! I've borrowed *cough* nicked *cough* my jounralling template from the wonderful and lovely leah of Leah: The Kind Weight Watcher .  Go check her out, she's one of my favourites!
I'll be posting the previous day's journals on here rather than updating throughout the day!

November 10 Food and Exercise Journal -Weigh In Day
time- food/exercise (points)

11.15am- Wholemeal Pitta Bread (4) tsp Vegemite (0) Lettuce (0) Apple (0)

12.10pm- 45 Minutes Wii Fit-muscle routine and expert cycling (Moderate) (+3AP)

4:00pm- Mini Milkybar (2)

6:00pm- Weigh In , Lost 4.5lbs! Coffee (0) with semi skimmed Milk (2) Falafel (8) Cherry Tomatoes (0)

7:00pm- Banana (0) Walk To The Supermarket (Healthy on pedometer +1AP)

8:30pm- Leek, Cheddar and Mushroom Bake (10) Steam Bag Vegetables (1) 2tsp Basil Olive Oil (3)
11:00pm- 10 Cadburys Miniatures (7)
Points Summary
30/30 Daily Pro-Points used
7/49 Weekly Points used (42 remaining)
4 Activity Points earned
0/4 Activity Points used

GHG Summary
fruits/vegetables: CHECK!
healthy oils: CHECK!
liquids: Not even close
lean protein: not sure, is falafel protein?
vitamins: nope
activity: CHECK!

Lessons learned:
On WI day I need to get up and have breakfast earlier so I have time to have lunch without it affecting my WI. I was super hungry by the time I got to my meeting. But the plan works!

Today's Plan:

breakfast- apple, banana (0) Pitta (4) cottage cheese or houmous?
lunch- falafel (8) salad (0) 2tsp olive oil (3)
dinner- pasta (3) pesto? garlic bread (2) salad (0)
snacks- grapes (0) cadburys miniatures?
exercise- walk to uni and back + rehearsals


  1. I had to switch to morning weigh-ins just for that reason, I would starve myself before weigh-in when I had evening ones.

    I can't wait to learn about our new changes (out Nov. 29 supposedly) and how simular (or not) they are to yours.

    Your leader hasn't mentioned the USA plan, have they? ;-)

  2. no she hasn't, but i think our new one is a lot more similar to yours, and apparently its been trialled in france and germany for a couple of years now!
    I'm not sure on the details of yours but our points are now worked out my protein, carbohydrate, total fat and fibre content now so that's the biggest change.