Sunday, 16 May 2010

One or the other.

Not both.

I'm not on plan while I'm in Maastricht (for those of you wanting to see my Netherlands pics check out my new blog , they'll be up on there soonish).
My mealtimes have been pretty healthy, lots of veg and protein and generally filling foods, but the other stuff is likely to sabotage any chance I have of losing, or even maintaining my weight over these next few weeks.
Most nights after classes everyone heads to the bar. There is a lot of dancing but also a lot of cherry beer(nomnomnom) getting drunk. That might not be too bad if it weren;t for the fact that I have developed a serious pick'n'mix addiction. There's shops full of it. And it's all so PRETTY.

But the beer is nicer. So from now on I'm imposing a pick'n'mix ban. And a major cutback on all sweeties...
I can have one or the other.
But not both.


  1. So tell me....what is a pick n mix? I say just have a good's a chance of a lifetime, enjoy it!! :)

  2. basically theres a ton of different kind of sweets and you pick some and mix them!
    and the bags are always huge so i never know how to stop...