Thursday, 3 June 2010


I think that's how it's spelled? I've just got back from a week in the Filmfabriek house/studio thing with the rest of the group and our director Peter. Im gonna jump right in and say it was my absolute idea of hell. I'm really not enjoiyng myself at the moment anyway, and I'm a person who REALLY needs some alone time now and then, preferably every day.

I didn't get any.

And I mean ANY.

We woke up at the same time
ate breakfast together
worked all morning together
ate lunch together
worked all afternoon together
ate dinner together
watched a film together
went to sleep in the same room

repeat ad nauseum TIL I WANT TO PUNCH PEOPLE.
Even the shower had a smoked glass wall that you could totally see through.

Right next to the kitchen.

I'm so glad to be back in Maastricht where I at least have my own room.

I'm really glad to be at least a little bit more in control of my food now. As you may have guessed with the same mealtimes we were all basically having the same food, cooked and bought by Peter.

Peter said he was vegetarian which was a big plus for me. But then we arrived and every floor had real fur rugs everywhere which was nauseating.

And then he told us he eats fish. Now, I'm fine and dandy with people who are pescatarian or macrobiotic for health reasons, and just don't eat red meat because it's unhealthy, but he told us constantly that he doesnt eat meat for ethical reasons. Which makes fish eating incredibly hypocritical in my books. And if there's one thing I can't bear its hypocrisy.
So anyway, he was cooking fish for most people and for me and the one other veggie there it was vegetables with some kind of pasta or potatoes, or occasionally...just more vegetables. Every night. I haven't had a decent bit of protein in a week. And the veg wasn;t WW friendly either, it was absolutely drowning in oily, buttery sauces. Which I LOATHE. If I'm going to have lots of veggies I like to be able to a) taste them, and b) not feel like I've eaten a greasy fry-up afterwards. It was awful.

He did have scales though, which said I was 14st 5lbs. So I need to stop eating shit ASAP.
Time to get healthy.

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