Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I'm on a 6 week exchange program thing in The Netherlands, and whilst I'm here I'm not officially following Weight Watchers. But I have high hopes for not actually gaining all my weight back again.
I'm living with the three other people from my course, who are all pretty skinny and healthy, so I'm basically eating what they eat when they eat it. There has been pizza and ice cream and the lovely lovely haageslag(amazing chocolate sprinkles you hjave on bread-the taste of my childhood.) but there has been no snackage. Also, we are walking everywhere, this place is very explorable. And the classes we are in...jesus I'm aching. We did so much running yesterday. I nearly died. And I'm aching like hell. But another 5 and a half weeks of this and I might actually be back on track!
You may not be seeing much of me- I'm busier than the busiest bee, but I shall do my best to stay vaguely on the right track so when I come back to you it's with my head held high!


  1. Sounds like a total blast! Hope you are taking pictures!! I'd love to see your view of the Netherlands!! How exciting! Hope you have just the best of times. Don't worry too much about the food. WW will be there for you when you get back!! Just have a great time!!!

  2. great to see a blogger coming through Maastricht. what program are you on?

  3. Its a one-off project at the Toneelacademie with three other students from my course in Crewe, and 5 of the students here. We're working with Peter Misotten to create a performance to be shown in Maastricht in June, and then hopefully in Amsterdam as well.

  4. Interesting, going to make some publicity for it online? Can I come see it?

  5. It's open to the public so yeah!
    Publicity will probably go on facebook so add me on there to keep updated!
    Search for florence wheeler manchester and you'll find me :)