Thursday, 31 December 2009

January Pledges

Whilst my resolutions for the year have been made, I think it will be useful to start my monthly pledged again to give me some slightly more manageable challenges to be getting on with.



1: Make a meal plan every week, and base shopping lists around it.

2:Try at least one new recipe per week.

3:Go to the gym at least twice a week.

4: Half an hour o the Wii Fit every day.

5:Don't miss any more meetings.


7:I will allow myself a day off plan for my birthday but I will not let this become a birthMONTH. Back on track straight away.

8: TRACK EVERY DAY!!!! Even the binges. I need to keep doing it!

9:Make packed lunches rather than buying sandwiches at uni.


  1. I love all your resolutions and your pledges for January. I've made quite a few resolutions myself a lot quite similar to yours. I'm not usually one for making them.
    If you make your packed lunches for uni, it should save you points and save pennys in your pocket too. :o)
    I've not noticed your list of NSV's before. What a fantastic idea!
    Happy New Year to you x

  2. twinkle: saving money with the packed lunches is a lot of the reason for doing it! i've been spending a fortune on crappy sandwiches of late... glad you like the idea of NSVs- make yourself one!

    Jack Sh*T: a plan it is indeedy!