Thursday, 31 December 2009

It's the end of the year as we know it!

Its resolution time!
Weight loss or otherwise there's nothing like achieving the challenges you set yourself.
SO here goes...

1: This year I will get to goal - the exact weight will be decided nearer the time as I do not yet know what I will feel happiest at, but it will be within my healthy BMI range.
2: I will complete at least the body test, if not training, on the Wii Fit Plus every day providing this is possible.
3: I will sell the clothes I have shrunk out of on ebay, or donate them to charity, as soon as they dont fit me. I wont fit them again - I will not have them hanging around the house.
4: I will pass my second year at uni with flying colours!
5: I will keep procrastination to an absolute minimum as regards Uni work, exercise, and housework.
6: I will reduce my reliance on asthma inhalers.
7: I will learn how to jog!
8: I will learn to budget and thus not live in my overdraft :s
9: I will be a good vegetarian and avoid all gelatine, animal rennet and other animal byproducts in food which I've become much to lazy about.
10: I will drink water. Lots of water. Everyday. No excuses.
11: I will keep this blog up!

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