Friday, 1 January 2010

It's a new Dawn, It's a new Day, It's a new Year...

And I'm feeling good.

Last year was the year I decided once and for all that something had do be done about my size, my health and my fitness.

Since July I have made a damn good start on that and have so far achieved the following:
  1. Lost between 2 and 2 and a half stone (I'm not sure of the exact number because i missed a few meetings and...well...xmas.). Still- TWO WHOLE STONE!
 2.I went from looking like this :

To looking like this:

3: I have got down to wearing size 16 jeans.
4: I discovered many new, healthier options to foods I used to eat, which I actually prefer to the original fatty versions!
5: I actually committed to a ftness class at the gym - something I NEVER thought I would be doing.
and likewise.
6: I HAVE LEARNED TO LIKE EXCERCISE! and not just like- crave!

And this year I will achieve even more!
First goal- getting into the 12s by my 21st (18th january)...fingers crossed!
And Happy New Year!


  1. Good luck this year with your goals!

  2. Happy New Year and good luck in 2010

  3. thank you both!
    May this year be joyous and sparkly for you!

  4. Happy New Year and good luck for the first of this year's goals

  5. Losing 2st is amazing!! Good for you.
    Much good luck for 2010! xxx

  6. Thanks jaframity and other florrie!
    best of luck in the new year to you both!