Tuesday, 6 October 2009

WI Fun

My housemate S finally got along to a meeting with me, so I finally have a live-in buddy. Yay!
We had a temporary leader today who I really didn't like. She was talking a bit about her story and she mentioned her 'fat clothes' which she wore to 'fat club'. And then said "i bet you've all called it 'fat club' at some point". Ummmlemmethink NO I HAVEN'T. But thanks for destroying the confidence I've been slowly trying to rebuild. Thanks a whole bunch.
Anyways, this weeks stats:

WEIGHT:13st12lb(-26lbs so far, and finally broke into the 13's!)
ARMS:oh i give up, i keep forgetting which freckle to measure around!
BUST:41 Inches? god knows..im rubbish at this measuring malarkey
WAIST:33.5 inches
HIPS:45 Inches
THIGHS:25 Inches
BMI:34(down one! always good)

So far I've lost one of these:


or half of one of these:

plus one of these:


This weeks aim: Stick to points everyday, including eating my activity points. Lets see how that works.

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