Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Mindless Crazies

 I just got a big shot of them.
I was walking back from uni when I got a sudden urge to read a newspaper, so I popped into tesco's with this sole aim:get a newspaper.
This is how it went...

1. walk through doors, briefly glance around the store.
2. decide to check out the first aisle to see if there was any interesting fruit. There isn't.
3.walk down aisle with newspapers- the guardian isn't there. Pick up vogue instead.
4.keep walking down each aisle.
5. pick up little snowball cake things.
6. buy them.
7. eat half of them without actually thinking.
8. Get mental snapshot of what I'm doing.
9. mush up the box containing the remaining cakes.
10. put it in the bin.

I just ate at least 10 points which I really didn't have to spare without even thinking. They weren't even NICE, they were pretty vile.

Damn crazies.

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